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Feb. 21st, 2010 09:58 pm
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So I was caught in another fandom for the last few --- weeks? I don't think it had been long since I jumped through four seasons of this quirky show. I didn't expect to find myself reading fics but not only did I but I was able to save a few for a quick rec/review. Oh, and they're all Shawn/Lassiter... go figure. Don't worry, Gus is just so nerd-tasty I'm keeping him for myself.

A Different Corner by [ profile] lucyhale  
Review: Murder, Gus gets kidnapped, Shawn’s fed ex shows up Lassie, and Lassiter tries to solve the case at the same time as come to terms with his feelings for Shawn. Its one of the best plot case!fics I’ve read.

The Slutty Boys 'Verse by [ profile] rispacooper  
Review: This story lives up to its title, so yes there are lots of hot sex - but that’s not where it stops. In this Verse we see into the characters’ minds and hearts with heart-tugging details. It is well-written and REALLY long - always a great combination. And angst and vulnerability is equally distributed among the two main characters.

Five Ways That Lassi Might Figure Out How Shawn is a Big Fake Faker (And One Way He Really Does) by [ profile] rispacooper  
Review: a nice Lassiter POV story.

Drinkity Druggity (Meow Meow Meow) by [ profile] rispacooper  
Review: rispacooper does it again. Bonding, lots of it. There be angst, but a weird heart warming fluffy angst. It tastes different, and you don’t really want to stop taking it in. Short in timeline but so much depth into character feeling you forget it’s an overnight fic (three yummy parts worth!). Shawn acts like Shawn in the wrong time, Lassie takes it hard, Shawn bonds with his pa, Lassie bonds with his partner --- there’s drinking and drugs! And bad guys, though totally a back story, except for the whole near death thing --- oh, you’ll read!

Five Unusual Mediums Through Which Shawn Chose to Communicate His Feelings (And the Very Direct Way in Which Lassie Finally—or Originally—Did the Same) by [ profile] rispacooper  
Review: rispacooper makes me like fluff! Not that there’s anything wrong with it --- my suppressed squeeage is proof enough. Another story on how Shawn and Lassiter got together (background lands in AU) but totally works with its fast pace… did I mention rispa has Shawn-speech as an art form? Shawn would totally be this way on the show if he gets his damn fake-psychic senses to focus on the right detective!
Ok. How about I make this easier? Go read all of [ profile] rispacooper’s Shassies! There. I knew there was a quicker way to get some good Shawn/Lassiter fic recs out.  
Review: Gus’s POV on Shassie and Shawn’s sudden love for Lassiter. The dialogue, the monologue! Warning: eat or drink at your own risk.

Henry Spencer, Matchmaker by Ryann Blackwood.  
Review: What the title says. A little OOC for Henry but otherwise a really fun read. There be lap dancing and awkwardness!

Thirty Kisses by [ profile] auntie_climatic l
Review: Courtship of Shawn Spencer and Carlton Lassiter. Beware of warm tingliness that will present throughout this fic.

Choice by [ profile] andieshep  
Review: Shawn makes the wrong choice. Ending makes you want to write a crossover just so Willow can smack him over the head with a shovel! But andieshep did the next best thing, and wrote a sequel Moments  

Tactics or Five Times Juliet's Meddling Didn't Work and One time it Did by [ profile] ilsaluvsrick  

I Know You Are (But What Am I?) by [ profile] lozenger8  
Review: Shawn sees Lassiter in the shower. His brain can’t seem to get around that.

Your Code Name is Babalu by [ profile] lozenger8  
Review: Choose Your Own Adventure Psych Fic Style!

Dark Passenger by [ profile] sprite_wolf  
Review: had your fill with schoompy fluff? Have a hankering for something dark, twisted and all kinds of creepy wrapped in a well-written and plotted package? I watched four seasons of Dexter after reading this story!

The Case of the Missing Cockatiel  
Review: Shawn gets real psychic powers. With new and old revelations Shawn and Lassiter grow closer.
and sequel The Case of the Missing Conventioneers 

Lassiter Learns How to Bend  
and sequel Carlton's Worst Inhibitions  
by [ profile] tera_gram 
Review: Lassiter cannot keep thinking about Drimmer’s suggestive suicide note. It scares him as it makes see Shawn in a different light.

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