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Title: Constant
Author: lusciousspike
Characters: Spike, Angel.
Summary/Timeline: Post-You're Welcome Ats S5. Angel realizes he had lost Cordelia and goes to the one constant in his life.

Disclaimer: No claim over this Verse. I can’t claim ownership and I can’t bring myself to claim I’m ever gonna be over it. I’m kinda okay with that as long as I can play.
Author Note: this MiSS had been written on my cell phone for a LONG time. I just never found time to download it to my pc and finish it. Best read after viewing the episode. This is a standalone ficlet.



MiSS - Post You're Welcome - Constant  )




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Oh, wow. Can’t believe I forgot to link this here. Well, I do give all credit blame to [ profile] lusciousxander  for convincing nagging me to participate in this world of gay-old cheese. LOL if you hadn't read it, take a dose of your favorite and dive into the Screen-cap Silliness.

Fic-Cap: How Season Four Should've Gone

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No really!

Damn fandoms with slashable character dynamics and witty dialogue. Damn them to distracting slashy yummy …

My mind has been besieged with Psych slash! The Shawn/Lassiter kind. You’d think with the combined name Shassie I would be scared away (or was it Shassy? I assume the P fandom debates the naming/spelling, I still haven’t gotten to the point that I care). But, noooo --- my girlish desires don’t care much for cheese induced comas --- actually, I think it craves it despite my stern finger shaking. I think Timothy Omundson’s eyes distract it too much. It has a thing for blue eyes that you cannot place the exact color in the color spectrum thingie, I just now it!

I finished 3+ seasons of Psych in a space of time that doesn’t make any scientific sense. I think I have Psych on the brain. It was fun viewing, until I reached the last episode I had and found out that the next episode won’t be out for weeks. So I said why not distract myself with seeing what the fandom has to offer in fic form.

Apparently Shawn/Lassie or Lassy *sigh* really would make it easier for a newbie if they just picked one, you know?

Now I can’t stop.

I’ll get there. I’m sure. I just need the new episode to come out. I had this same problem with House/Wilson, now its all better - I think. It's New Fandom Syndrome (I can write a paper on it! Will it be credible if you're your very own test subject?).

I just need to pace myself.  

Next episode is January 27 and with the title You Can't Handle This Episode, a little over 20 days is gonna test my patience and level of fic intake good!

*sneaks behind muse to attempt a bit of one-on-one with her own fics*
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It’s been all but forever since I had enough time to log into fandom - being a grown up carrying other people’s near incompetence and lethargy in the menial everyday of the work place does that to you. 

But leave it to Joss Whedon to light a spark under my cold computer seat --- the last couple of episodes of Dollhouse. Man. I had been all ready for disappointment (ala Fox) from the get go - I thought I made sure that I wasn’t going to get attached. 

Darn you, Whedon. 

How can one NOT sit back and gape in awe at the utter artistic light His Maniacal Penmanship has brought to a mere television screen.  


No spoilers here, folks. 

All I got to say though, I have to finally succumb to fangirl whine at the utter unfairness that such an amazing show was not recognized by blind-money-hungry PTB who wouldn’t know fantastic writing and original characters if they haunted their every conscious moment. 

Suffice to say --- five minutes after I finished watching the show --- minutes spend trying to wrap my head around the masterpiece that had witnessed, I was left with bitter thoughts at the looming end of Ningyo Kaoku…

Yes, that’s Dollhouse in Japanese. Can’t say I haven’t learned something from all that Anime I watched ;) 
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Real life hadn't been treating me all nice - tiring me up all day and night without free time to dabble into the exquisitely addicting abyss that is fandom. So, it came as a great surprise (I’m thinking of it as an amazing birthday present!) that I won in

[ profile] absence_oflight:D Thanks and smoochies to who nominated/voted for me! 



Dark - Best Gen: Chatting Dead Summary/TimeLine: Season 7, Pre- Same Time, Same Place . “You did it once, I heard about it,” Spike said declaring his knowledge about Willow skinning someone. Um. How did nutty!Spike know about that?


Angst - Best Slash: The Odd Man Looking In  Summary: Buffy died saving the world and her sister. Everyone deals with grief their own way. Xander watches and ponders the events taking place around him. One in particular stands out. Pairing: Voyeur Xander, Spike/Angel, Xander!UST.


And check out all the great angst/dark stories that also won.


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Weighing Down: Post Forever. Whatever happened to those flowers?

La Femme Spander (co-written with [ profile] lusciousxander ):  Anya wants revenge and she'll be getting it by cursing Spike and Xander. The ‘boys’ learn first hand how the other half live.

If you like, you can vote for the stories here
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Title: La Femme Spander
Authors: lusciousspike & lusciousxander
Spoilers: BtVS S6, Entropy
Summery: Anya wants revenge and she'll be getting it by cursing Spike and Xander. The ‘boys’ learn first hand how the other half live.
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss and Co.


LFS Part Ten )


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Title: La Femme Spander
Authors: lusciousspike & lusciousxander
Spoilers: BtVS S6, Entropy
Summery: Anya wants revenge and she'll be getting it by cursing Spike and Xander. The ‘boys’ learn first hand how the other half live.
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss and Co.

Response to Challenge (lusciousspike): Okay… so I was watching BtVS S6 Entropy and I got to wondering, is there a story out there where Halfrek doesn't interrupt Anya's interesting chain of thoughts and Anya carries through her plan… finding someone to wish Spike a woman. Of course, then something goes wrong and he stays that way.


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So here’s the thing. I had been in desperate need of time and effort to even produce the need to do some screen-caps commentary much less do them… but something about this episode just made me wanna do it!


The usual rules apply. If it’s about Wilson and House, it is in. This is to satisfy my Hilson Delight. And some might think its fun – but this time around, I’m aiming for short, quick and ‘deep’. Let’s see if I can get there!

Please do no hotlink to the pictures. Thank you and hope you enjoy.Read more )

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Check out James singing with his son playing the guiter.

I love it. I might even pretend that this song's about me ;)


Mar. 31st, 2009 06:54 am
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Andy Hallet passed away last night.  He was a funny, lovely and kind man and he gave us a great character in Lorne.
He will be greatly missed by all of us who love him.
I wish him and his family all the peace. 

LORNE: Good night, folks.

Source + Whedonesque
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 Messing with His Head is an ongoing Series of Spander wackiness that had stemmed from a spur of the moment giggle!ficlet -with Spike playing with Xander's impressionable mind- is okay to be read without much wincing *crosses fingers*

Summary: Unlike the expected outcome of our boys having a night of binging then waking up the next morning in a compromised position – they really did not have sex. Spike knows this but Xander does not as his memory was poisoned by the booze. Furthermore, Spike will sure try his might to make sure that Xander not only believe that they did but also that Xander was the aggressor, and enjoy the confused insanity that will ensue.

#1 G'morning : in which Xander had just been dumped and had run into Spike at the Bronze, then . . .
#2 Spanking Clean : in which Xander thinks he just had his first sexual experience with a man.
#3 To Be or Not To Be A Dream : in which Xander develops doubts over what had happened the night before...
#4 Oblivious Prey : in which Spike reflects on the day’s events, and what he has planned for Xander.
#5 Too Close for Comfort : in which Xander figures some things out... or does he?
#6 Assess the Blame : in which Xander deals, so to speak ...
#7 Sweet Denial : in which it is just another night in Sunnydale. Xander comes to a sudden sweet realization.
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Previously: Xander tried to put some sense into what happened between himself and Spike or what did not happen and it had only left him more confused and a little shocked at feeling guilty when it came to the vampire. More confused, Xander intends to burn some shoes that Anya left when she dumped him – the person Xander blames for that morning when it all started. On his way, he unconsciously seeks out Spike and invites him to burn their past. Will his subtle plan work?   


Title: Sweet Denial
Author: lusciousspike

Series: Messing with His Head (#7) 
Rating: 15+ for strong words.
Pairing: Spike/Xander

Summary/TimeLine: During Season 5 BtVS. Just another night in Sunnydale. Xander comes to a sudden sweet realization.

Disclaimer: The chars belong to Joss though I borrowed some… am going to keep them for sometime… give them tea and crumpets… maybe make them show me their sexy dance and if I ever get bored *snort* I'll return them.

Sequel to: Assess the Blame, Too Close for Comfort, Oblivious Prey, To Be or Not to Be a Dream, Spanking Clean, G’morning.

AN: Check MWHH Archive for the chapters in order.

Thanks to[info]lusciousxander for the quick read!







Sweet Denial )[Bad username or unknown identity:   ]


Mar. 16th, 2009 08:56 pm
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UGH!!! I near snapped at my boss today for acting like an ungrateful JA. Does he not know that since this project started, the team (mostly me, since I really can’t get into the other’s heads *S*) have spent nine hours a day each week for over a month (not including my eternally disturbed dreamspace) making sure that his superiors see that he is doing something right? Problem is, he’s usually all smiles and charm (driving most of the female staff gaga – I don’t see it) and is quite intelligent, and then he goes and ruins it because the PTB were acting like jerks. DUH. I don’t see how us being praised and thanked for our 120% effort by everyone else involved except him (Mr. I am one of the workers) will raise moral - did I mention I HATE leashes? (bear with the vagueness *g*) Thankfully, I had good cathartic release. I whined and hissed for a bit and then I flexed my rusted writing fingers for some MWHH Spandery goodness.


I am posting a new chapter of Messing with His Head – titled “Sweet Denial” but seeing as I had JUST finished writing it and no eyes but my weary own had a chance to look it over, it will be temporarily unbetaed.

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... ... )
On a happier note (if you’re into angst/dark *g*), apparently some kind folks nominated a couple of my fics at The Absence of Light Awards . Yay!  

Absence of Light Awards 

Stories nominated:

Enchained Bedlam 

Dark End

Thanks to whoever nominated these tidbits of unfluff. You have made my very long week :)
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Exactly. Thank you for... ... just thank you.


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