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Title: Constant
Author: lusciousspike
Characters: Spike, Angel.
Summary/Timeline: Post-You're Welcome Ats S5. Angel realizes he had lost Cordelia and goes to the one constant in his life.

Disclaimer: No claim over this Verse. I can’t claim ownership and I can’t bring myself to claim I’m ever gonna be over it. I’m kinda okay with that as long as I can play.
Author Note: this MiSS had been written on my cell phone for a LONG time. I just never found time to download it to my pc and finish it. Best read after viewing the episode. This is a standalone ficlet.



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Okay, so I was thinking about putting this behind friend lock ‘cause I just wrote it. No kidding, I wrote it like *checks time* fifteen minutes ago. Thus, it is clearly unbetaed. But then I thought that it had been a fricking long time since I posted anything Spangely and decided the embarrassment of the latter far outweighs the first. 'Sides, its the holidays. So, here ya go folks. Hope you like!

Happy holidays to all and here's hoping for a great year to come!

Title: Except That One Time

Pairing: Angel/Spike

Author: lusciousspike

Rating: Mum says it’s cool.

Spoilers: up to ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL issue #15

Summary: Back in the Hyperion, Spike mends Angel’s wounds.


Disclaimer: I hold claim to nothing but this filler scene until the next issue comes back and either strengthens it (doubtful), blows it out like a worthless birthday candle (most likely) or doesn’t affect it whatsoever (happenstance). Brian, Joss and co. hold the keys to this tale and I merely cling to the world they keep alive.

Author notes: I was surprised to find myself writing this even after it haunted me for nights post-15. I finally said, “What the Hell” ignored the fact that I had long been under the stagnant hold of stinky writer’s block, and marched on. Hopefully my defiance presents itself in something acceptable.   


 Thanks to[info]lusciousxander for the quick beta!



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Dec. 14th, 2008 10:21 am
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What is this MiSS I speak of? Well, it's a shortening I've so *cough* wittily devised referring to Missing Scene Series: a bunch of standalone ficlets/short fiction that resulted from the need to see more of something, or feeling that there was a scene missing on the show that could use some elaberation. Generally, MiSS will follow the canon of the show and would stick to characterization as best as possible. And if the scene required slash, pre-slash or indication of such, then... who are we to argue? ;)

MiSS usually pop up when me and my friends talk - a handy outlet when WB (that's Writers Block not that the other isn't as bad) strikes hard.

The only rule to MiSS is that they stick to canon as best as they can, character and story wise, in a way that doesn't diverge much from the show, or at best, at all. If there are any pairings within the MiSS it is a canon not fanon pairing, hints and innuendo are exceluded, for reference see the works of Joss Whedon. 

To read the stories in the order they were written in (old to the new ones) check here

Now. What follows is a chronological list (canon wise) and short discriptions/summaries, characters and timelines of the MiSS I've written so far: 


MiSS )


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Again. I reiterate. My heart belongs to Brian right now. My heart is a fickle thing. So Joss might sweep it back up again. But as we speak, it is his. Take care of my heart, Mr. Lynch!

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So I finished reading ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL issue four and I realized that now I have to write an author note under my Lorne Missing SceneA Place Called Home” to denote it as contradictory. I won’t remove it as a missing scene seeing as I wrote it before the comics came out, but for honesty sake I have to mention that I’ve been retconned *giggle*
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Title: "H17" -The Past Unlocked    
Disclaimer: If I hold any claim over this Verse I would shout it off the rooftops. Seeing that I’ve yet to do that should indicate without contest that I own nothing but inane words that I incessantly spout.  
Spoilers:S4 BtVS. S5 Ats "Why We Fight".
Summary: Willow is able to procure some computer files before the underground Initiative base in Sunnydale was shut down. She shares a discovery with Xander.
Characters: Willow, Xander (Spike and Angel mentioned).
Author notes: I’ve had this idea/query since the first time I saw season 4 and Spike was captured by the Initiative. “Why was Spike called ‘Hostile 17’, not a higher number?” It was only confirmed later when season five Angel aired. I don’t know if this could be considered a missing scene or not (I’m a bit iffy myself – it’s more of an explanation, which most of my MiSS are). It does also clarify one thing Xander mentioned near the end of a fic I wrote “The Odd Man Looking In” which you need not read (unless you’ve read that one and/or want to).  
Thanks to [personal profile] lusciousxander for the quick beta read! *hugs*
Now onto the real reason we’re here.

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It has been forever, and for that I am sorry! I'm not going to waste space and time that is better wasted writing *wink* to list all the reasons (a lot of you already know most of them). I am however going to thank everyone who had took the time to feedback this little baby of mine (not so little now, oh well) and guilt me with puppy eyes and threaten me with long detailed emails *love*... so thank you!! You made this girl who almost gave up because she lost everything she had jotted down on a half-dead pc, well, not give up. *snuggles*

Title: Splinter
Rating: 17
Pairing: Spike/Angel (eventually), Spike/Raven(OMC)
Summary: Spike decided to stay in L.A. and work with Angel and Co. in Wolfram and Hart now known as A.I and Co. However, Angel still has a bit of a grudge towards Spike. Spike gets hurt... Angel is somewhat responsible. Another vampire wants to give Spike what Angel isn't giving for some silly reason, but what it entitles is big. How will that work out I wonder? 

Thanks to [personal profile] lusciousxanderand [personal profile] lexa4227for the great beta! *love* And a wink from Cordelia to [profile] uncouthbrkit whose poetic words I promised I'd snag. ;)

Part 28 )
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Title: The Other Side to the Story
Author: [personal profile] lusciousspike
Rating: For the eyes of anyone who can read…
Summary/TimeLine: Season Five ANGEL “The Girl in Question” and a spoiler or two to Joss Whedon’s Season Eight BtVS. Italy, what really happened?
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon claims he gave this fandom life. What? You see me arguing with that?
Note: 1. Part of the Missing Scene Series MiSS but is a stand-alone like all of them are.
           2. For other Missing Scenes go here.
Thanks and snuggles to my [personal profile] lusciousxander for her quick beta!


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Sheesh, can't believe I forgot to update this. For anyone who had been following the story I've been writing with [personal profile] lusciousxander called One Thing in Common, I'm here to tell you that after a LONG absence cowering behind Writers Block wall it has resurfaced. You can find it here: One Thing in Common: Chapter Five

And the Summery for those who need reminding: Before the battle with The First something happens that causes Xander to head out to L.A. to give Angel something for safe keeping, but one thing leads to another and… well, you’ve gotta read to know the rest . 

A more informed Summary: the story contains spoilers to BtVS S7, AtS S3. The amulet Angel gave Buffy which she later gave to Spike activated a little ahead of schedule... with interesting results. It's an ensemble cast (mostly ANGEL) with a gradual relationship between Angel and Xander because of the small thing they have in common. Spike's there too but he's a little different ;) actually, he went through a major change.

Previous Chapters here  
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I know it's been a long due update! Sad to think that I had written this months ago but never gotten around to the details and then my comp crashed teaching me a lesson... *nods* so, quick as I could, I finished this once more and thus am posting it right now. It will remain under flock until I and my darling Betas get around dusting the germs... ;) If you decide to read it despite that, hope you enjoy! 

Oooh, it's April Fools! *smacks head for forgetting, again* Well, let pretend that me delving into S5 Canon in this chap is a homage or something... *is really bad at playing 'tricks'* I wanted to wait a little while... to see if I will do some more changes to this, or delete it all together, but *shrug* I'm taking today as a sign... Hope you like!

Title: Splinter
Rating: 17
Pairing: Spike/Angel (eventually), Spike/Raven(OMC)
Summary: Spike decided to stay in L.A. and work with Angel and Co. in Wolfram and Hart now known as A.I and Co. However, Angel still has a bit of a grudge towards Spike. Spike gets hurt... Angel is responsible in away. Another vampire wants to give Spike what Angel isn't giving for some silly reason, but what it entitles is big. How will that work out I wonder? 

Thanks as always to my beloved [profile] mygothangel for such a great beta! 

Part 27 )
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Title: The Odd Man Looking In 
Characters: Ensemble.
Pairing: Voyeur Xander, Spike/Angel, Xander!UST.
Rating: R-rrrrg to be safe.
Summary: Buffy died saving the world and her sister. Everyone deals with grief their own way. Xander watches and ponders the events taking place around him. One in particular stands out.
Setting: Between seasons 5 & 6 in BtVS and seasons 2 & 3 in Ats.   
Disclaimer: Nothing, I own nothing I say! Except this silly plot bunny and the craziness that ensued. Don’t blame JossW, ME, WB (no wait blame them! Just for something else)… I merely borrowed the strings to the puppets that they own *sob*.
Author Note: 1. I am under the mercy of a ruthless plot bunny by the name of Mr. Bunny Muse (yes, he has a name – he is that egotistical). I never did anything like this before, so hopefully you won’t hate this. The structure and the alternating tenses are deliberate to remind you how confusing the order of events could be in the mind of Xander Harris. Hopefully, that translates well in this 1stperson POV and doesn't seem like utter crap *cross fingers and taps them on a piece of wood*.
2. I don’t know what to call this, a ficlet, a missing scene (hah! Some'd hope! *narrows eyes at those some* although, if you squint it does abides by to the arc—in away, doesn't negate anything before/after). It was just a short drabble scene, apparently a failed-drabble, but I found out that although I have hopefully reined in the ficlet monsters (coming from a past of long novella fics) I have yet to be bestowed the drabble pen. Oh, well. Maybe someday. 
3. Read related story set in S4 btvs before or after TOMLI: "H17" - The Past Unlocked

Warning: Voyeur Xander (naughty boy!)
Thanks a whole bunch to [ profile] lusciousxander for her quick read/edit, and telling me that me trying a new approach didn't suck big time! And grand smoochies to [ profile] mygothangel for being a great beta and for saying my Xander voice is "perfect" and the word "hot" relating to this! Aw.  
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Title: Boredom, Not for the Rich
Author: [ profile] lusciousspike
Genre: Crossover Smallville/Angel the Series
Characters: Lex, Spike, Angel.
Timelines: SV before season 4 and the rift has yet to happen, I think. You choose a time. Ats, season 5.
Summary: Lex is bored. It's raining outside. There is only one thing to do, surf the web and waste dad's not-so-well-earned money.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to their respective owners. The only thing I can hold my little pinky over is the idea and initiative to connect beloved characters together. That is my only crime! *falls to the ground weeping*
A/N: I've recently discovered this ficlet I've written after watching Zod!Lex on the roof all floppy leather against the pretty lit background. I thought I lost it and I gave it no other thought. Well, I found it! A friend read this and said "why don't you post it?" I scoffed then shrugged, read it over once and here it is. It's tiny, it's irrelevant and damn it, I believe that's what happened, so there! *sticks tongue*
A/N2: Um, my first semi -Smallville fic, the other one crossover-ing with BtVS (or more accurately btvs onto sv) is in hiding 'til it's done. So, *sheepish smile* be kind!
A/N3: Yes, I was out of ideas for a cooler title, plus, RL induced sleepy here!

Boredom, Not for the Rich )
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After FOUR failed attempts to attach this and send it to my betas, I decided to see if it posts in LJ, if you see this, then 'yay, it works!'. Betas, forgive me, try to send me the corrections to this as best as you could via email. I promise you, I will have 25/26 sent to all of you by Wednesday at the farthest, gonna mooch on someone else's connection *wink* AKA to all you rest who can't wait til its all tweaked to presentable fashion, again 'tis locked coz its prob'ly filled with da evil-kyeboard-gnome bloopers' evil, vile creatures!

Now. This is 26b. It was supposed to be posted right along with what is now 26a (yes, Sophie!) but *glares at net and LJ* I think I have a coup going on here. I know this part will make some of you gape, freak and say 'what the hell?!' but take a deep breath, maybe skim over it once more (a+b) and then hopefully you won't try to smash my head in, but want to comfortingly hug one, two or even three of the boys. You'll still give me the evil eye though, I think. What can I say- torment? It is yummy. Also, we're delving more into this 'why' some of you had been prodding me about, I have left some so obvious hints, which honestly is unfair to the whole concept of 'hints'. Anyway, hope you enjoy! *smooch*

Part 26-b )
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I hate my internet. There. I said it. It took me over 30 minutes to finally get this part through to LJ, I won't even try now to send it to my betas through email. So, darling betas, please reply to me via email when you read this with the editing if you can. That means for all you in my f-list who are curious to read behind the following tag, it… is… unbetaed. It is posted as it is because I'm afraid that if I don't post it now, either one of two things will happen (or god forbid both) I will go back and CHANGE everything or that my 'net would finally ask me to write its eulogy. Therefore, you are warned! *smirk* Other than the grammar/spelling (which is of no fault of mine, nope, na-uh, I blame it wholly on these evil tiny keyboard gnomes who want to make me look bad in front of ya'll), the content is all me. Or my evil mind. Really, we're one and the same.

Title: Splinter
Rating: 17
Pairing: Spike/Angel (eventually), Spike/Raven(OMC)
Summary: Spike decided to stay in L.A. and work with Angel and Co. in Wolfram and Hart now known as A.I and Co. However, Angel still has a bit of a grudge towards Spike. Spike gets hurt... Angel is responsible in away. Another vampire wants to give Spike what Angel isn't giving for some silly reason, but what it entitles is big. How will that work out I wonder?
Thanks to [ profile] mygothangel for the beta! And to [ profile] lilithbint for the quick once-over

Proceed to part *frown* 26, is it? )
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Shhh, RL doesn't know I'm here. I'm trying out my fingers to see if I'm still in the element here or not, writing ain't no riding a bike! *sniffs pitifully* It's a short intermission that I'm ashamed to call a part, but to be consistent I must. Will keep it under f-lock, to see if you guys think my squeaky fingers still have life in 'em or not. Won't un-lock it at least until I've tinkered a little bit more with the next part which is actually worth being called a part. Beta's of my heart, have at it if you will, and send it to my email if you can and time permits. Yahoo's being a big ol' meanie and rebuffing all my attaching tries- that or could be my poor connection. People of whom I've friended and are reading this before all others as it is, be kind. And of course, I hope you enjoy! *snuggles to fic-community* Miss you all! *rushes out before RL is on to her*

Title: Splinter
Rating: 17
Pairing: Spike/Angel (eventually), Spike/Raven(OMC)
Summary: Spike decided to stay in L.A. and work with Angel and Co. in Wolfram and Hart now known as A.I and Co. However, Angel still has a bit of a grudge towards Spike. Spike gets hurt... Angel is responsible in away. Another vampire wants to give Spike what Angel isn't giving for some silly reason, but what it entitles is big. How will that work out I wonder?
Thanks to [ profile] mygothangel for the quick beta!
Splinter -ashamed to be- part 25 )
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This is a fic I wrote due to constant nagging and yes begging from my lovely co-writer lusciousxander. So here I am writing her a Xangel(us) to go along with the Spander I wrote her *huff* and do I get any?? *tries to look particularly pouty*

Oh well, I hope you all enjoy this!

Title: Dark End
Author: [ profile] lusciousspike 
Pairing: Angel(us)/Xander, Spike/Drusilla, mention of Angel/Buffy.
Rating: Hm, 15 and over to be safe.
Spoilers: BtVS season 2 and maybe a plot of season 3
Summery: What if Xander regretted what he told Buffy in the end. He had let his anger, hate and jealousy cloud his judgment, but for who?
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though I borrowed the chars for some harmless fun… I'm sure he'll understand *worried Joss will sue when he sees what I did here*
Distribution: You want it? *snort* you're not kidding are you? Well, tell me where, so I won't think I'm hallucinating.
Dedication: To lusciousxander who bugged me to death til' I wrote this! If you don’t like it then … *shrug* I don’t care. I did it. A Xangel(us) just for you, *sniff* that should be enough.
Warning: Characters death! Mention of rape. This is *not* a happy tale kids!

Thanks to [info]lusciousxander and Barb for the great quick beta!


Dark End )

“Close your eyes.”

Hesitantly, he did.

Buffy pulled her arm back and thrust the sword. Like Angel, she closed her eyes in the split second it took for the blade to be embedded. She swallowed down her nausea as she felt her strong plunge sink into soft tissue but her push didn’t waver. Her eyes snapped open involuntarily, her ears had been painfully waiting for Angel’s gasp but she heard a different kind of gasp than she expected along with it. Her green eyes widened as they took in the sight with horror.

Only then had the scream she thought was in her own head registered.


Xander had jumped in front of Angel to protect him from the sharp blade. But instead of the opening he sought to voice his complaint, Slayer Strength was too quick and too strong.

Through the throbbing filled haze, he could feel the razor-sharp edge that ran straight through him being supported by something else.

In moments as long as several lifetimes, he slowly turned his head, blinding pain passing through him at the simple movement. However, it was nowhere near the pain that shun in his eyes at his failure, for behind the large hunched figure he could see the portal slowly opening.

“Oh God, Xander!”

He turned his head noting that everything around him was covered in a strange radiance. His eyes finally found Buffy’s horrified ones, she still clutched at the sword.

“Xander,” a chocked whisper sounded in his ear.

He spared no moment or pain to turn his head back and catch shocked and surprised whiskey orbs.

“I was too late. I told her to…”

Angel shook his head and laid his large cold hand on the young face. “You did what you had to do.”

Painful chuckle. “You don’t even know what I did.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Xander smiled. He coughed and blood appeared on live lips.

“Xander… I just want you to know… I-I didn’t want him to… I didn’t want to…”

“It wasn’t you.”

“He did it because of what I wanted.” Frantic words. “Wanted to punish you for my… You know that I…?” Brown eyes implored to understand the unvoiced words.

Somehow they were.

Xander shook his head lightly as he turned his head back, looking away at a distance that didn’t exist. “I wasn’t… I thought… y-you hated me…”

“Same here.” Angel reached around and held him close. “You shouldn’t be here. Shouldn’t been there…”


“You sure you don’t want to come in, Xander?” Willow asked as she opened the front door. “Mom and Dad went to a convention … the Methods of Teaching or something… and won’t be coming back for two days.”

“Thanks, Wills. But my job as escort ends here.” Xander frowned and scratched his head. “Clearly not a professional escort.”

Willow, standing in the open doorway, giggled and slapped at him. “You’re dirty.”

“Wish Cordelia would find it as amusing.” Xander rolled his eyes.

Willow scrunched her nose. “I’m not interested to hear about Cordelia Chase.”

Xander raised his hands. “Love to hear about that, again, but if I don’t get home in-” He looked at his wristwatch. “Fifteen minutes, Dad’s gonna lock me out. And I really need the bathroom!”

Willow waved him off. “K', call me when you get home, so I’ll be sure you’re okay.”

Xander plastered a happy smile on his face. “Sure thing, General. Will report as soon as I set foot in HQ.” With a comedic salute, he turned away.

He walked down the street with both hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans. His eyes followed his sneakers as they created shadows in the illumination of the streetlights he was passing.

He didn’t know when it happened. But, all of a sudden, he realized that someone was walking by his side, matching his awkward steps. With a swift turn, very agilely, he had the stake inches over the vampire’s chest.

Angelus easily held his wrist away from his heart, smirk firmly in place.

“Well, look what we’ve got here.”

Xander tried to pull his arm back but the vampire had a firm grip on it. The boy twisted his face when Angelus brought his closer and whispered, “Still the White Night, watching over your girls.”

“Really should look into these new-fangled things called breath mints, blood breath!”

Angelus smiled a toothy grin and pushed Xander back, hard, causing his head to connect in a bang with a metal pole. Sliding down, Xander watched with half silted eyes Angelus instructing two vampires to not damage the goods as they brought it back to the mansion. He lost consciousness when he felt several cold hands grabbing at him.


Xander couldn't breathe.

He fought for breath and used his cramped arms to press against the wall that was closing in with all of his strength. Only thing he received was an indulgent chuckle.

“Shhh, it’s me love.”

He opened his eyes and could barely see in the darkness of the room. But some light was escaping from somewhere and he could see. See his face smiling down at him. Xander sighed. He was having one of those dreams again. He raised his hand and traced that handsome face, the wide forehead, the rare smile. Only in his dreams was that smile directed at him. His head was pounding, that was new. But he didn’t resist when the face came down to kiss him. He didn’t close his eyes. What was the point? It would be wasting what his pathetic mind had concocted. An inch away from his mouth, Angel stopped. Xander frowned. This never happened before.

“He would never touch you… you would never feel his lips on yours. I’ll see to that.”

With a gasp, it all fell into place, what had happened… where he was. He tried to pull away but what had caused him his shortness of breath earlier held on. There was a rough rope tied around his waist biding his upper body down onto the bed but leaving his naked limbs free to flail.

Angelus laughed at his weak attempts.

“Disgusting soul. Lusting after a slayer of all things and falling for her pathetic companion. Children. Hah! And they call me deviant.”

“Let me go, you bastard!” Xander hissed as he pulled at the binds. “You want to kill me, get it over with!”

Angelus caressed his chest where the rough material didn’t cover. “Ah, but death is so second rate. I’m going to play with you.” Xander thrashed some more. With ease, Angelus held him down. “Do you know that he knows? Knows that you look at him and want him as you hide behind scathing words?” He licked over the boy’s pulse point. “Yet, he does nothing.” The vampire pulled back, face of a demon shining in the dark.

Xander felt fear twist in him but he showed his defiance. He ignored what Angelus said. “Let me guess. The plan is to bore me with words, maim me, and send me to Buffy as a reminder? Dumb plan. You’d be dust in the wind before you can…!” His last words were swept away by his pained howl when Angelus twisted his member.

“That.” Another twist. “Is why I’m *not* doing it. Dumb plans. No, visible scars are so easy.”

Xander’s breath quickened when he realized what Angelus was doing out of the line of his sight.

“Now, there are scars that even you won’t be able to see. But you’ll feel it for days, weeks even. Just like the Slayer did. You will remember it, remember me. And you’d be all alone. More alone than ever. Visible scars they see and they comfort. But hidden scars are your own.” Sharp intake of breath. “I’ll sure enjoy inflicting them. It’ll be fun doing it to someone who have feeling in their lower body for a change,” he spat in distaste. “Then I’ll set you free like a good little puppy. You’ll run off to your little friends, slobbering at what attention they give you and you’ll continue your pathetic attempts at defeating me. But your new scars? They’ll eat at you from inside while everyone is watching, not caring.”

A chuckle. “She didn’t call to check up, you know. We have ALL night.”

Xander wanted to be strong. Needed to be. So why was there wetness running down his face?

“Don’t worry, Whelp. I’ll make it good for you. You’ll hate yourself for it. But don’t expect me to kiss it better for you in the morning.”

End Flashback

Xander knew he was crying. This time he admitted it. For what was a better time to shed tears than when everything was going to be lost? Angelus had taken everything from him, his sense of safety, calm slumbers and his innocence. There was nothing he could do.

However, there was one thing he could still take away from Angelus.

“I want to kiss you.”

Angel’s response was a tightening of his hold and a small nod against his neck. Xander twisted around this time more than before, the blade cut at his side and his neck rasped at the held back whimper of pain. But he continued. This was something he needed to do.

Brown orbs distinguished in their own way fused together and Xander felt a smile appear on his bloodied lips. Angel understood. He knew why this was so important.

They might have never gotten a chance to see ‘this thing’ through. Both of them held back by insecurity and their own ignorance of what their feeling in actuality embodied. Had it been lust, or something more? Somehow sharing the same fate as their blood mixed implied to the real answer. To what might have been and what could have been shared.

With some difficulty they were able to touch their lips against each other. It wasn’t perfect, not how they wanted to have their first real kiss. Angelus didn’t kiss Xander. It was too intimate. And that had never been part of his ‘plan’.

Grips had tightened and Xander felt his heart pound when he felt the pull. He held on. He ignored the flashing lights and what it symbolized, everything had seemed to have been in running in slow motion, but life was pushing itself back into familiar pace. His eyes didn’t waver from their mark, his vision had cleared and he was not about to waste what precious time they had left.

Somewhere during the lovers’ confession, Buffy had let go of the strong grip she had on the sword and took a couple of rigid steps back. She watched as the love of her life and her best friend said more in looks and actions than words could come to represent. She watched as they locked in painful, passionate embrace, their eyes still open as if to take in more of the sensation.

She looked on as they were silently sucked into Hell while she stood doing nothing.

Buffy was frozen in shock. At what she had discovered, what she had observed and what she had let happen as she stood idle. The world was saved. But the two men that had given her life were not in it anymore.

“Don’t know which stumped you most, Slayer. Them getting it on, or you doin’ them in.” Spike sauntered into view, she did nothing, said nothing to the person who spoke her thoughts aloud. “Maybe the fact that you have none to moon over you now.” He looked at where the two were mere moments ago. “Such a Shakespearian ending… bet you thought you’d be on the other side, him reaching out for you.”

Tears and silent gasps emanated from the powerful slayer. “Noticed how the ol’ boy clutched the hand of his sweet beloved?” Spike placed a hand over his dead heart. “Felt tears spring into my eyes, I did.”

With a slow head tilt, he turned his gaze to her.

“Should’ve expected you to take to extremes. You know, all you had to do was prick ‘im with the nifty sword and plunge it in the stone demon. But can always count on you to be such a drama queen.”

He stuck his tongue to his upper teeth and he smiled widely at her stony expression.

“Bet a part of you wanted it to be over, but couldn’t bear the thought of giving up tall, dark and handsome, so this was the best way out.” He slowly stalked up to her relishing the way her heart quickened its beat and how she bit the inside of her mouth so hard he could smell her sweet blood. “Kill your true love, your buggering soul-mate for the sake of the world, and cry a bit of silent tear, do a little teenage act of desperation and all would be sympathetic and understanding of *your* sacrifice.”

He bit his lip and flicked his eyes to the dormant statue. “But Droopy boy messed it all up.” He sighed.

There was a definite whimper as he reached her. She didn’t move when he ran his cold hand over her face, wiping at the tears.

“There, there, pet. I was never‎ as sadistic as Angelus …” He tilted her head. “Never let them say I don’t take pity on my enemies.”

Buffy didn’t look at him. Her eyes were still glued at where the two men who had such in impact on her had stood before...

“Think happy thoughts, don’t think about how Angelus raped your dear friend under your perky little nose and none of you were the wiser,” he said, hungrily taking in her anguished gasp before he sunk his fangs into her willing neck. It was quick. He let her lifeless body slink to the cold floor.

“No more Daddy, no more Kitten…?” Drusilla swayed, walking into the room.

“No more annoying Slayer spoiling our fun.” Spike twirled her around while they danced a circle around Acathla and Buffy, both still in their deathly state. He pulled Drusilla flesh against him.

“Just like your visions prophesized, my luv.”

She licked her upper lip. “You hurt my neck.”

“Aw, but you loved it, you minx. Lovely performer you were, pretending to conk out with loss of ‘unneeded’ air,” he tsk-ed.

She pouted. “I was an actress on stage.”

He laughed out loud and kissed her. “Yeah, you were, my wicked plum. The world is your stage and you play it as you please. Though next time when you play the unconscious damsel, don’t grab at my neck, eh?”

She looked chastened. “You were carrying me like a white bride.”

He pursed his lips and nodded. “My bad then.” He twirled her one last time before stopping in front of the stone statue, sword sticking out of its chest. He ran his finger over a bright red patch on what was showing from the blade. He sucked the finger in between his lips. “Mmm, unrequited love finally returned. Pity.” Then, he shrugged. “Oh well.” He shared an evil grin with his dark princess. “Let’s check on the slayer groupies. Maybe pass on the sad news?” He mock pouted.

Drusilla, giggling, clapped her hands and joined Spike, walking outside the mansion. They climbed into Spike’s Desoto and looked at the backseat, where Giles was lying, unconscious.

“He tasted lovely.” She licked her lips and fingertips.

“Yeah, well, you’re not keeping ‘em,” he said firmly, starting the engine. “He’s to be a play thing or dinner… no turning fifty year old geezers now.”

She giggled like she didn’t hear what he had said. “You will make the witch yours?”

“Bet you I am. Break her in first, so she’d mind her sire. Must watch out for the quiet ones… they’re the ones that can cause the most trouble.”

“Like us, William?” She blinked up at him wonderingly.

“Like we were, Dru, yeah.” He thought as he drove away. “I might keep her mutt as well. Always wanted me a pet, he’d make the perfect prezzie when Red's turned.”

Her nails scraped at the air. “Oooh, pelt tickles my nose when burned.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“They’ll be back,” she said prophetically.

He frowned. “So you said.” A smirk slowly appeared on his striking face. “Well, we’d better make sure to have the Hellmouth all fancied up for Daddy and Kitten’s return.”

He pressed forward and they sped away, a sparkle in his eyes.

The End…?

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Okay I wrote this for Travis coz I know how much he loves them boys *snicker*… but then everyone (other than the boy in question) told me to post it… I was horrified at the notion of subjecting you nice people to my meaningless scribble done in the attempt of annoying my friend and fighting off my chronic WB (Writer's Block *rolls eyes* go figure they have the same initials)… but in the end a little evil voice in me agreed with my friends and thus I'm posting this.


Mera ;op


P.S. if you want those responsible of me actually posting this for good people with reading standards to see and get tainted with it… tell me and I'll point you right their way! *giggle*


P.S.2. I've been asked this a few times now… no. I'm not abandoning any fics co-written with Farah. OTiC4 (Xangel) had been recently posted. APtB30 (Spangel) will be the last chapter and we're working on it now.





Title: Meaningless Scribbles   
Author: Mera
Pairing: Spike/Angel, Xander/Oz… whatever your minds can come up with…

Rating: Uh, you gotta be open to slashy fun written fic that has undertones.
Spoilers: Not much… well maybe the end of BtVS and AtS
Summery: Well if I give a summary there won't be anything left for you to read… its *that* short!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though I borrowed Spike, Angel, Xander and Oz for some harmless fun… I'm sure he'll understand *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? *snort* you're not kidding are you? Well tell me where so I won't think I'm hallucinating.
Authors Note: It is not beta-ed.. It's a fun ficlet… done for a special someone. Travis… look it's your dream come true! *lol*






Three months after LA went down…<Why? I have no idea it's just is>


Hearth warm and glowing. Red wine gleamed in the darkness illuminated by the fire.


Soft mumbles could be heard as shadows move shapelessly on the walls. Twin bodies entwined moving in sync to the tones of the music. Porcelain bodies radiating in their whiteness seemingly absorbing the warm light.   


"So… who did we mark this last one for?"


"I slayed the dragon."     


"Yeah but I pulled you from under it."


"I pushed you out of that Acid demon's way."


"Ruined my leather, you did… my second skin!"


"It's not even the same one… the one you pulled it off the slayer you *killed* got blown up."


"Oh yeah. Well point is I get cold now."


"I'll warm you up…"




"Whoa! Too much vamp for my eye!"


"Bloody hell." "Damn it."




"Xan you're blocking the door."


"Ooops sorry." Xander moved away from the door.


"Oz?" "Oi it's Red's Mutt, what are you doin' here?"


Xander glared. "One could say the same about you oh he who cannot get a clue and die already."


Spike and Xander glared at each other.


Oz and Angel shared sympathetic looks.


"So the Boy Wonder is shagging the witch's ex."


Before Xander could reply. "Actually it's the other way 'round," Oz supplied.


Spike laughed aloud. "Knew you were a bottom!"


Angel who was still naked poked an equally naked Spike. "Look who's talking."


Spike pulled back offended. "It was only one time mate!"


Xander snorted. He looked around. "Ooh is that fancy wine." He pulled Oz towards it. "Danny… mmm… have a taste!"


The vampires mouthed to each other, 'Danny?'


Oz sipped from the glass but then with an appreciative moan gulped it all down. "Don't forget what happened the last time we had wine," he warned.


Xander continued gulping his drink, "Whoa damn vamps… building a fire in the middle of summer time." He started taking off his shirt. He continued to swallow. Suddenly he pulled Oz in the other direction. "Oooh Danny pretty music… dance with me."


"Uh ok."


Xander pouts. "Go grrr…"


Oz sighed. "Xan… we've been though this I don't go grrr."


Xander pouted once more then perked up remembering. "Woof?"


Oz shed his shirt. "Close enough."


With the music flowing, the boys started to sway. Each moment another article of clothing fell. They seemed entranced in their own world.


Spike drew closer to Angel his eyes at their visitors. "Why do you think they're here?"


Angel blinked and shrugged. "I don't know… but did you know Xander had a tattoo?"


Spike's eyes widened. "Where?" He narrowed his eyes in scrutiny. He then looked back at Angel with a raised eyebrow. "Wanna know how far down that goes?"


Angel smirked. "Sure. Just watch out for Oz's claws."




The End… <*phew* that wasn't that bad now was it? guess you now know where the title came from huh? *big grin* take that WB!>     

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Title: The Call

Author: Mera

Feedback: Do it… you know you want to!

Rating: Something for all ages *g*

Pairing: None… well it could work as both spuffy and spangel-slash if you want…

Series: Part of the Missing Scene Series but is in fact a stand-alone like all of them are.

Summary/TimeLine: After Chosen. I've always wondered how Angel knew what happened to Spike in Sunnydale.

Warning: Mention of character death.


Thanks to Farah for the quick beta!






"Hi, can I talk to Angel please?"


"Uh, who should I say is calling?"


"Buffy… it's Buffy."


"Oh. Oh! Sure… wait a sec…"



"Buffy? Fred said that you wanted to talk to me?"


"Yeah. Angel…"






"Buffy? Is everything ok? Are you and the others ok? I saw what happened to Sunnydale on the news? Where are you? Are you guys coming here?"


"No… … we're on the road to Cleveland actually… we didn't stop at L.A… I'm talking at a phone at a gas station… thought I'd tell you that we don't need that second front anymore…"


In the background a girl's voice could be heard, "Kennedy, stop slapping my hand away and let me look at that arm!"


"Yeah, so we're okay as you can hear and…"


"Buffy. Are you ok? You sound…"


"Oh God Angel…"


"Buffy…?? Why are you crying? Is... is Dawn…?"


"Oh God no! Dawn's ok… well as okay as she can be when the shock finally settled in."


"Who then?"




"Giles…?" Nothing. "Willow." Silence on the other end. "Xander…?" A hitch of breath. "It's Xander isn't it?"


"N-no… Xander's fine… well not really… he's devastated coz of Anya… even though he's not showing it…  and… well he lost his eye… and…"


"Who is it Buffy?" Firm but hesitant… not really wanting to know… already knowing the answer.


"It’s Spike."




"Angel? I-I thought you should know. I know you two never got along much… or well at all but… Angel? Aren't you gonna say anything?"


A sigh. "I'm sorry Buffy. Was lost in the past a while there. Spike… he's the one constant thing… I never thought that… ever…"


A sniff. "I know. I always told him to leave… and when I stopped wanting him to…" Small laugh. "… guess I know now…"


"It was a little less lonely."




"The whole soul thing… when you told me… it was a little less lonely… and now… well not so much anymore."


"Thought you were all 12-years-old about it." A smile… just a little.


"12-year-olds want to be less lonely too."


"I get that… I'm not lonely now."


He didn't ask.


"Thank you… for telling me."


"Are you going to be ok?"


"Fine. I mean we really never got along, so why wouldn't I be." A question, a statement… it could work both ways.


"Tell that to someone that doesn't know the both of you so well. Well other than Drusilla maybe… and I'm so not going there." A shared mirthless laugh. "It was nice talking to you Angel. It's a little comforting to know that someone else is feeling this as much."


A short silence then a whispered, "Yes, it is."




The End…

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Previously (*rolls eyes* ok, I've always wanted to say that)…

~ One disaster averted. Now to get these guys out of here before Angel get the itch to fire us all again. We have enough Drama already... ~ 

Cordelia was about to invite everyone - save a gloomy stuck vampire - for a round of food and gossip, when apocalypse knocked. Or in fact, barged in.


"Percy, there you are. Been looking for you... that poofy assistant of yours was no help, busy eyein' me up!" 

The three visitors turned as one at the very familiar voice.


The enraged vampire froze in his tracks and swiveled to see Willow, Xander and Faith gaping at him, equally stunned expressions on all three.

~ The yappin' whelp kept his mouth shut after all, ~ was Spike's loudest thought.

"The First?" 

Willow shook her head and whispered back at Faith, her voice somewhat hitching, "No, h- he opened the door." 

Faith nodded, determination in her eyes. 

Spike's mouth was still moving, doing no more than making a good impression of a fish out of water. Ironically, it was identical to the one Xander had on his face. 

Willow had a hand partly over her mouth and her eyes looked surprisingly teary. Faith, on the other hand, had quickly shook off her shock and was steadily advancing the vampire. 

Spike took a few involuntarily steps back. Things happened too fast, none of the Fang Gang were fast enough to stop the brunette slayer's purposeful approach. 

She had Spike against the wall and her fist around his shirt's collar before anyone could utter a word. With a strong grip, she pulled.

Faith kissed Spike, thoroughly mapping out his mouth with her skilled tongue then pulled back. Everyone looked on shocked- none more than the blond vampire. 

She shrugged, answering the blatant question in their eyes, "I just hate regretting missed opportunities, so many buckets almost kicked. And this way, I can say I had a go at all the Slayerette men." She gave Xander and Angel a significant look. She then turned her gaze towards Wesley, but waved him off amused when Fred took a step closer to her boyfriend, possessive look in her eyes. Wesley flushed as he inched closer to her as well. 

"Oh god!" All eyes turned towards Cordelia. She had what could only be explained as a 'grossed out' look on her face. "You mean… Giles?!" 

Faith only shrugged. "One shot of courage and I was all ready and pumped." She winked. "Should've seen the look on G's face." She shook her head with a wistful look. "I got a month off from lectures and research sessions 'cause of that. Man, he couldn't look me in the eye for weeks!" She chuckled then twisted her lips in thought. "And Andy bats for the other team so no point there." 

"But, damn, Willy, no wonder B couldn't keep her hands off you." She turned her gaze back to the horrified vampire who had been wiping at his mouth after hearing Faith's announcement about kissing Giles. "Not that I don't want more," she said as she looked Spike up and down, biting her lower lip, dark eyes holding all kinds of promises. "Too bad we're both taken, eh?"

Spike blinked and hid a small flinch of hurt over behind a forced leer, quickly falling back into a well-worn act. He titled back his head and looked her down. "I'm not one to complain if you want to see what you're missin', luv." He raised an eyebrow when he saw her considering the offer. "But--- your bo already wants my heart on a sharpened stick." He twisted his lips, his blue eyes shaded by lowered lashes. "And speaking of the Principal… I just happen to have something that you can give 'im for me." 

All gasped in surprise when Spike pulled his coat off. 

He handed Faith the duster. "'Won't be needing this skin no more," he said. "It's better off with him seeing I took out his mum and all." He raised his head and shrugged. "Just tell your man that he shouldn't try it on... bloody waste to stretch the leather. " Giving her a significant look, he continued, "You, on the other hand, would look smashing." 

Faith ran her hand over the leather with a sad look on her face. "I'll give it to him next time we meet. Word though, Blondie, my man no more, we're kinda on a break 'thing' - you know, make sure we covered all our options or something. I wasn't really listening."

"Trying the view on other side of the track with Red, are we?" Spike raised an eyebrow. "And can I watch?"

"Hey!" Willow exclaimed, finally snapping out of her frozen shock at seeing Spike alive. The double blow of hearing about the man she thought of as a second father in a lip lock with Faith did not help either. She walked towards him and punched his arm. She felt a little better when he flinched. "I'll have you know that Faith and Wood are not 'together together' because he wanted her to be sure … he's still waiting back in Cleveland."

Faith nodded, verifying that at Spike's look. "True," she said in bored tones. 

Spike pouted. "Well you have just shattered my best fantasies." He winked at them. "Don't fret though, much more still in the reserve."

Willow turned red and swatted at him once more but more affectionately this time. Then with more strength than her small frame implied, she pulled him into a strong hug and held on tightly. Spike was stunned into rigidness for a moment. His arms hovered unsure before making an on the spot call and wrapping them around her, still hesitantant. He was astounded to hear her hiccup and sniff against him. He pulled back and with his fingers, raised her tear streaked face. He frowned. 

"What's this for?"

Willow whacked him on the chest. 

Spike couldn't help but think that Willow had become a tad more physical in her ways since he last saw her. 

She hit him again.

"This is what’s wrong!" This time she poked him. "You're back, alive, or what counts for it in vampy terms and you’re here! Being your non-dusty-world-saving-self and you didn't tell us! WHY?" Her lower lip wobbled and Spike felt guilt wash over him. "It's almost as bad as Angel not telling us that Cordy was in and out of coma. Oh. Wait. It is worse! He knew this too and he didn't tell us either!" She turned her accusing eyes at Angel.

Angel was still in a stunned state over Spike giving up his duster, his renowned trademark - his second skin. Handing the duster back to its rightful owner was an admirable act, but, nonetheless, it was certainly not something Spike was known for doing. It was as if Spike had been truly moving on and not only had Angel not noticed, but he himself hadn't budged an inch from his well-established position. Mercifully, or not, a couple of angry green eyes snapped him out of this reverie and back into the harsh reality where Spike was surrounded by friends, Angel's friends – well, except Xander who really should close his mouth by now - and was slowly breaking his ties to Angel and the Order. Per his, Angel's, silent command by refusing to reclaim him. 

He furrowed his brow, brooding. Spike should know Angel's reasons better than this. The younger vampire was always outspoken. When he didn't like something, he said it, and he said it loud. But, apparently, he out-grew his clear-cut running mouth overnight. And to imagine, Angel actually thought that Spike was above than resorting to such unspoken theatrics.

~ What more does he need to do? First, that duster… next thing, he'll shave his head. ~

"Angel, stop looking at Spike's hair and tell me why you didn't tell us he was back!" 

Before Angel could form a sentence, having once again slipped into a brooding state, the unexpected response came to his rescue, "Red, you're not gonna get anythin' of worth from Captain Forehead, his head is in the sky searching for his grey cells in the fluffy clouds." Spike needn't mention that the last thing Angel obviously wanted to talk about was him. "I was the one who wanted the lid tightened over my un-demise." 

Willow narrowed her eyes in displeasure at the same time looking hurt by that statement. "Why, Spike? I mean, I know we didn't seem to be there for you last year. We barely were there for each other, all lost in our own problems--" She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before continuing, "But, that doesn't mean you shut us out. We're all part of the same gang … the same fight." Her eyes welled with tears once again. "We thought we lost another one of our family."

A blank expression fell on Spike's face. This was a shocking revelation to him to say the least. No one had ever showed this much distress over his existence, or lack of it. Well, except Andrew, but, that kid was messed up.

"Better not make Willow cry, Bleach Head!" 

Spike's face snapped up and he readied himself for the verbal attack Xander was sure to give. It would balance the recent shock nicely. ~ One could always count on Xander Harris to bring some loathing perspective into a room. ~

Angel was looking at Xander, awaiting the same thing. At least, the boy had his mouth closed now. It had been much too temping while it was gaping open. The brooding vampire eyed the stapler on his desk. Another time, perhaps. 

Xander stepped next to Willow and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her to him comfortingly. Then he poked his finger in Spike's direction. 

"Just because you came back from dust-bin size doesn't mean that you can decline Willow's offer of the Scooby adoption." Xander shrugged. "Although, that happened a long time ago… your certificate must've got lost in the mail, so you might've not got the message."

~ First Ray, now the Scoobies… who knew burning up to save the world could add up to something good after all. Very confusing, but not all bad. ~

"Well?" Xander tilted his head. "You were gonna give us a good explanations to why you not only neglected letting us know that your undead ass is back, but, you made Andrew do the impossible, right? Keep his mouth shut." He shook his head, impressed. "I mean, I really gotta hear this!" 

"Slim, what about B?" Faith hedged, cutting in. ~ From the way Andy-boy said it, those two were even more R&J than Buffy and Angel, why wouldn't he jump at the chance to be with her? She is Buffy after all. ~ Although, Faith and Buffy still had some issues between them, even Faith knew how affected Buffy was by Spike's death.

Spike lowered his head. He could feel everyone's attention on him. He knew that everyone shared the same thought all the time he had been back. It was an unspoken question. Why wasn't he back at Buffy's side? Why did he stay in LA after everything that happened? He knew it would make them even more confused at his actions, or lack of them, if they knew about Buffy's declaration of love before he died. However, he wouldn't lower himself to feel their pity, so, he never mentioned it. It was because they would realize the same thing he had; Buffy had only told him that she loved him to make him feel good, happy, since he was about to burn to his death in sacrifice. And it had. It showed him how much Buffy cared for him, but he knew it wasn't love, or the kind of love he wanted from her. 

Now all eyes were on him awaiting him to explain why he hadn't hopped on the next plane/boat and into her arms. Except, he had to forgo mentioning the fact that he couldn't face her knowing that she had lied to him. Also, he now had too much of a soul to succumb to the urge of making Buffy hold her end of that loving declaration. He couldn't do that. He couldn't hold her again like that night and be happy with both of them lying to themselves. Moreover, he couldn't tell them the 'other reason' to why he had stayed. There was NO way those words would come out of his mouth, especially not now

He looked sideways at Angel who didn't even acknowledge him like he always had. Not even by getting up from his desk and looming over him in all self-righteous intimidation. Spike had to hold on to what *little* self-esteem he had left. Half-truths would have to be enough. 

~ Good thing Green-jeans isn't here or he'd sniff me out even without a bloody song in my heart. ~

He raised his eyes and looked into Willow's. "It's not that I didn't think of it, pet. I was halfway over there more than once, wasted more than one boat ticket at that. Took me a bunch of poker games to make up for it. But, every time I got to thinkin'. A man can't go out in a bloody blaze of glory, savin' the world, and then show up months later, tumbling off a cruise ship in the south of France or whatever country she--- uh you all were ambling along in." He shrugged, stuffing his shaking hands into his jeans pockets before anyone took notice. "I mean, I would've loved to, don't get me wrong, to see the looks on your faces realizin' that you can never rid of my fine arse, but, uh, it's really hard to top an exit like that." He smiled sheepishly, shrugged his shoulders. 

Willow rolled her eyes. "Come on, we wouldn't say that!"

Xander coughed. 

She poked him in the side with her elbow and he flinched away in pain. "Well, maybe Xander, but he's always like that. As for the topping the exit… girls don't care about stuff like that. Just one look at you, and Buffy'll forget herself, and she'll get all tingly, and it won't matter that you went out in a poof of glory and came back a walking hero." 

Willow started hard at Spike. She raised her eyebrows meaningfully, she didn't let it slip passed her that he had tried to bypass mentioning Buffy. 

"Actually, there wasn't much walking. There were flashy burning lights and sm…" Willow narrowed her eyes. He sighed in resignation, admitting defeat. Maybe they knew him better than he thought. "I expect Buffy would be happy enough to see me. It's just, I gave up my life for her, the world, and if I show up now, flesh and bone, my grand finale won't hold much weight. All of it... won't matter." 

Willow's eyes softened. "It still matters, Spike. We're still here because of you." She slipped out of Xander's hold and hugged the vampire once more, she whispered, "You matter, Spike." 

She pulled back with a small smile in her face. Spike returned the smile and quickly blinked away something that wasn't even there. 

Faith lightly punched Spike. Spike scowled, muttering as he inched away, "Vamps bruise too."

"Well, look at you being all hero shy wrapped up in a yummy bod'… the slayer-chicklets would flip when they see you!"

Spike felt himself relax. That went better than he expected. However, from the looks in Xander, Willow and Faith's eyes, he wasn't going to get out of making a visit to the new Watcher Headquarters. He knew that was something he had to do sooner or later when he was found out. Now, especially, since this thing with Raven happened. If his fellow vampire was serious about starting a new era between the Old Vampires and The Slayers with Spike as the intermediary, eventually he had to face the fact that he would have to meet Buffy and the others. 

~ Speaking of that. ~

Spike looked anywhere but at Angel. He could feel the anger rolling off the older vampire and lately it seemed that he was always the reason. He needed to get what he came for and leave before Angel disowned him once more and this time flat out in front of the Scoobies. The blond was afraid that they would also see what Angel saw, that he wasn't worthy of anyone's affection much less people he had tried to kill countless times. He snapped his fingers in front of Wesley to break the dreamy look the watcher had plastered over him since Fred placed a possessive hold on him, standing strategically between her boyfriend and Faith. 

"Oi, Pryce. If you ain't got anything short of snogging the slayer…" Fred glared at Spike for that statement, he ignored her, but felt his demon purr in satisfaction. He knew his fellow Englishman would thank him for this later, after what their little scientist would have in store for him tonight. "I'm in need of your fancy book."

Wesley instantly found himself in watcher mode as he unconsciously patted Fred's hand reassuringly. 

"The Summoning Book? Of course. It's in my office… do you need it for anything specific?"

Spike seemed uncomfortable sparing a small glance towards a glowering Angel. "Uh, yeah. You might offer some assistance in that department…" He left the ex-watcher to finish the request.

Wesley, like everyone else, caught that look but only the L.A. residents understood where he was heading. 

The stench of anger increased.

"Certainly. Now?"

Spike shrugged seemingly unconcerned, yet secretly he hoping for quick concurrence. 

Wesley, after time spent in Spike's presence, found the blond vampire to be an easy creature to read if one only looked to his eyes. He never seemed to be able to hide his true feelings when he didn't avoid the watcher's gaze. Wesley momentarily wondered if this was the case as well when he didn't possess a soul. He reserved the right to ask one of the recent visitors of that fact. Nevertheless, at the present moment, he focused more on helping his friend. It never ceased to innerve him to think that after all his years of service, two of his closest friends had once been two of the most feared vampires he was trained to hunt. 

He nodded. "Let’s go."

A genuine smile appeared on Spike's face and Wesley was struck once more on how easy it was to make the vampire happy. He hid a smile at imagining Spike as an easily pleased child. 

Spike looked towards the three Scoobies. "I'm guessing you'll be around these parts a while? We'll have ourselves a long chat, eh?" he said, appeasing the still unanswered questions of the Scoobies.

Willow nodded, looking confused from Wesley to Spike. She wondered when it was they that got left out of the picture not the other way around. "Yeah, we were telling Angel that we're recruiting a slayer, we'll be leaving to go back to England in a few days."

"I trust that you can handle a puny fresh slayer." He gave a knowing look to Faith and Willow and didn’t press for more. 

"And I found what I came for," Xander cut in. 

Blue eyes bore into mischief filled brown orb. "And what may that be, mate?"

Xander faced him with a blank face. "You." Then he grinned when Spike's face fell stunned. He allowed himself to soak the feeling of being in power for a few moments, then, explained, "Does anyone listen to me? Don't answer that. Again -- Andrew was withholding his storytelling compulsion on this single trip… and I knew something short of the world ending would make him zip his mouth that tight."

Spike's bewilderment faded into a pleased grin. "Well, you gotta hand it to the little guy." He chuckled and raised his eyebrow. "And I guess you took it upon yourself to see what he was hiding?" 

Xander shrugged. "What can I say? Hunting down rouge slayers around the world to be trained by the New Watchers Council got dull after a while, a little investigative reporting sounded refreshing." 

Spike snorted. "Yeah, you're a regular CK." He shared a grin with Xander. This was not how he expected them finding out about him to turn out, not at all! 

Angel was getting annoyed with these visits. First, that Andrew kid physically melded himself to Spike, a clearly evil vampire treated Spike as his pet, then Faith stuck her tongue down Spike's throat. After that, Willow practically adopted Spike into her family and now he was sharing secretive smiles with Xander Harris! Not to mention Spike all but spouted poetry about his Buffy. 

~ And why didn’t I ever ask him why he never left? The guys mentioned something about that a while back… ~ Angel frowned trying to remember. His train of thought was broken when Spike and Xander chuckled as if silently sharing something only they knew. 

He wanted to get up and strangle Xander, with good reason. He could do it too. He was a Master vampire, swift and fast. He couldn't believe that only a moment ago he was thinking about changing his views towards the boy. He could outrun Faith and snap the annoying boy's neck before even Willow would be able to murmur a spell. He started to stand before his foot made its presence known, his stuck foot. He settled for digging his fingers in the wooden desk picturing a soft breakable neck in its place, the desk was going to be replaced either way. 

He hated being so easily riled, it was as if Angelus was scratching at the back of his mind. He knew it was those two's fault. "What the Hell are you two talking about?" Angel growled.

Xander and Spike jumped at the yell and noticed everyone looking at them in confusion as well, everyone save for Gunn, Fred and Willow. The two appeared self-conscious as they glanced everywhere else. Spike rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed to be caught in this situation and Xander repeated a mantra in his brain 'I saved the world… I have a cool eye patch…'

Angel felt his blood boil. What the Hell? They were practically blushing! There was defiantly something there. And what were Willow, Fred and Gunn grinning about? Were they in on it too? He would bet his fancy blood that if Lorne were here he would be sharing the same understanding looks with those three. His 'list' was growing; Angelus was truly closer to the surface than he ever was before. 

Before Angel could say anything, Cordelia beat him to it, a flash of understanding in her eyes and not a little disgust, "God, Xander, don't you ever grow up? I'm ashamed to even admit I got Spike's totally geeky reference… but, I hold you to blame, it's like I have this terminal case of Dorkdom stench that can never be washed out... geek cooties!" Xander grinned sheepishly. "C'mon, really, Superman? How old are you, five?!" She spread the exasperated look at both squirming men. 

"Oi, I had nothing better to do while he tied me down in his basement than to read his poncy funnies!" Spike pointed the finger of blame at Xander. 

"Comics," Xander corrected, chagrined.

Angel felt his blood turn cold and burn at the same time. What was the human boy doing tying up what was not his? Had Angelus full reign he would take offence to the insult cast on his bloodline. He bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from saying just that. Spike wasn't anyone but his self - anymore. And why did Angel actually need to keep reminding himself that? It only served to push into mind that he had made a conscious - unspoken - choice to push Spike away. Spike didn’t choose to leave, Hrafen didn't break him of his blood but Angel, in effect, refuse to acknowledge Spike's place in the Order. Angel just had to remind himself of the reason why.

The dark vampire was lost in his thoughts with only the sounds of the two most annoying beings in existence arguing. What was worse, their voices were tainted with mirth, like it was an old game between them, something that came second nature when they were around each other. 

"I sure didn't put a stake to your heart and made you read them! Besides you liked it because you rooted for Lex Luthor," Xander countered. 

Spike grinned at that, a look of reminisce in his eyes. "Oh, yeah, damn evil, he was." Then he sobered up. "'Sides, it was your darling Clark that helped him on his path to evil-hood not trusting him even though the bloke was 'is so called best friend!"

Xander sighed and shook his finger like this was something they went over more times than anyone could count. "You're confusing T.V. with comic again. Wait, when did you start watching the new one?"

The rest of the room was divided between following the interaction like an amusing game of tennis or simply found it annoying. 

Spike huffed, hiding no shame at being caught. "They’re all the same, though if they follow this like it suppose' to they might not end up nemeses… might end up shagging though..." 

Before Xander could retort with a clear long tirade, if the long breath he had taken indicated anything, Wesley cut in exasperated, "As riveting as this might seem, and how it just proves to me that the times you bested me in chess were meager flukes, Spike, you required something?" He crossed his arms and nodded discreetly at Angel's direction. 

"Uh, right." Spike's grim mood returned. He reserved a small smile for the Scoobies. "Chitchat later? Don't broadcast my return just yet… there's something I need to go over that I think you might find interesting."

The three nodded with the expected varying curiosity

Cordelia's eyes widened when her eyes followed Spike and Wesely exiting the office. It brought her attention to the outside where Harmony was talking with a couple of maintenance men, waving her arms around passionately - alternating from pointing at her hair and at the direction of the office. 

~ Oh God. I almost forgot! Better hurry before all hell breaks loose… ~

The actress jumped into action. She clapped her hands to catch everyone's attention. "Okay, people! I'm going to take you all to the best restaurant where you can schmooze with the stars!" Before anyone could reply, she started pushing them out the door giving a hastened, "Bye, Angel!" and closing the door behind her. 

She took a deep calming breath as everyone moved, conversing to each other, towards the elevator. Willow and Fred were chatting about some computer thing whilst Xander had his hand on Gunn's shoulder, complementing him on his Cheerleader handling methods. Faith walked next to her. 

Cordelia approached Harmony and the two men. She pointed to the office. "Don't go in there until the elevator doors close behind us and the blinky number shows that we reached the ground floor safely." 

She didn't fail to notice Faith's raised eyebrow at her words. Cordelia led the way to where the others were holding the automatic doors open for them. She grinned secretly and watched the doors close after they entered. 

"I'll tell you when we're a safe distance away from danger."

Faith crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, chucking, causing everyone to tune in. "This already sounds good."




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