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What is this MiSS I speak of? Well, it's a shortening I've so *cough* wittily devised referring to Missing Scene Series: a bunch of standalone ficlets/short fiction that resulted from the need to see more of something, or feeling that there was a scene missing on the show that could use some elaberation. Generally, MiSS will follow the canon of the show and would stick to characterization as best as possible. And if the scene required slash, pre-slash or indication of such, then... who are we to argue? ;)

MiSS usually pop up when me and my friends talk - a handy outlet when WB (that's Writers Block not that the other isn't as bad) strikes hard.

The only rule to MiSS is that they stick to canon as best as they can, character and story wise, in a way that doesn't diverge much from the show, or at best, at all. If there are any pairings within the MiSS it is a canon not fanon pairing, hints and innuendo are exceluded, for reference see the works of Joss Whedon. 

To read the stories in the order they were written in (old to the new ones) check here

Now. What follows is a chronological list (canon wise) and short discriptions/summaries, characters and timelines of the MiSS I've written so far: 


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Fic: Empty

Jun. 13th, 2006 06:48 pm
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Title: Empty
Characters: Xander, Spike, Dawn, Willow, Anya.
Rating: Something for all ages…
Summary/TimeLine: Season 7, during End of Days. Willow said that the house was empty…but  was it really?
Note: Part of the Missing Scene Series MiSS but is in fact a stand-alone ficlet like all of them are.
Thanks to [personal profile] lusciousxander for the quick beta!
Empty )
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I just deleted the original entry of this by mistake, damn blinding head aches/sleepy eyes. And I thought what better than to repost it. This is my LJ after all! *giggle*

For those who don't know this, this is something [livejournal.com profile] lusciousxander and I cooked up a while ago coz of lack of any brainwaves whatsoever… something for fun. So be warned! Oh, and we found that voicing this little scribble adds to the fun... *heh* or so we've been told. Enjoy!

Title: Into the Woods PARODY
Authors: Farah [livejournal.com profile] lusciousxander & Mera [livejournal.com profile] lusciousspike
Pairing: It's slash… and well you have to read it to see. A fun pairing is all we can tell you!
Rating: R it's a little violent… in a fun way, promise!
Spoilers: S5 BtVS Into the Woods… duh!
Feedback: lusciousx2@yahoo.com
Summery: What if Xander got Buffy to stop Riley a little faster. Can't say anymore but yes it is slash! You have to read it. PLEASE!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though we borrowed Spike, Xander and Riley and others and dammit we’ll take our time!! *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? No way!!!!!! YES PLEASE! Just tell us first.

Authors Note: 1. It is not beta-ed. That's part of the point actually. It's a fun ficlet… the mistakes are deliberate, you'll see.
2. Italics represent our inside notes just to make things 'clear' for you. *lol*
3. ~ = character thoughts

Venture... Into the Woods )
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Title: Silent Tear
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lusciousspike 
Feedback: Do it… you know you want to! lusciousspike@yahoo.com
Rating: something for all ages… though some might call it a downer *shrug* dunno why they’d say that.
Characters: Xander, Anya
Pairing: Xander/Anya
Series: Part of the Missing Scene Series 'MiSS' but is in fact a stand-alone.
Summary/TimeLine: During "The Body". Remember what Anya said about how Xander reacted to Joyce’s death?
Warning: Mention of character death.

Silent Tear )


“Hey, Xander, this fruit punch is *great* you should try it!” Anya said, her lips wrapped around the tip of the straw. Slurping, she blinked when Xander chuckled, waving her off on his way to answer the ringing phone.

“Xander and Anya’s house of fuity punch goodness!” he said cheerfully into the receiver. Soon after the person on the other end started talking he frowned. “Wills? Willow, slow down… wha…?”

Anya watched entranced as the expressions changed on her boyfriend’s face. She saw him nod monotonously, his lips set in a straight line. She opened her mouth to ask what Willow was telling him, but he spoke before she could.

“We’ll come over.”

She waited for him to say more but that was all he said. Even the expressions had stopped. Her tiny brows twisted. She stood up from her seat and walked over. Easily, she released the phone from his slaked grip.

Anya put the phone to her ear but then pulled it back, scowling at the dial tone.

“Xan…?” Before she could ask him what Willow had wanted, her voice choked for when she looked at the tall brunet she could see tears streaming down his face.

She watched his face as she replaced the receiver. There was no indication to what happened. She felt puzzled, and not a little angry at Willow for upsetting Xander.

There was nothing he could say. Xander looked at Anya and was confused… helpless, as her lips soundlessly moved. Could Anya not hold her mouth shut? At least she didn’t feel the need to omit sound with incessant movement.

Anya was scared. Why wasn’t Xander answering her? Could he not hear her? Willow was always getting in the way of their happy time. Now the icy fruit punch was making her hands numb.

She felt a cold shiver of fear run through her when the only movement from his direction was the slow trek of silent tear after another. Even his chest didn’t show any sign of rise or fall.

Panic started to build. Maybe she should call someone. Buffy could kill whatever turned Xander’s mind into mush.

Nevertheless, Anya couldn’t move. She was frozen at the sight of tears in sluggish movement down Xander’s emotion free face. Was somewhat mystified at the sight; never had she thought she would see Xander weep, even silently. He had never struck her as the sort that would.

She gasped in shock when all of a sudden Xander sprinted into rapid movement. He had picked up his keys, his coat and opened the apartment door in less than five seconds.

Anya opened her mouth in a lunge to question his actions and what had led to them. Maybe this time he would actually listen.


Xander looked down at the doorknob his hand was clutching. He pressed his lips in concentration. His gaze slowly took inventory of his home, before settling on his girlfriend. His girlfriend who was standing in the middle of their living room, looking back at him with concern, worry and not a little fear, still holding on to her drink.

His lips moved and his face contracted. He took a deep breath and coughed a little, his throat hurt as did his lungs, but he didn’t know why that was.

Anya blinked at him. Waiting.

“Joyce died.” That didn’t sound right. There wasn’t even the expected gradual lead to it. That must be the reason to why Anya was looking at him not knowing what to say, even her lips stopped moving in an open gap. He tried again. “Buffy’s mom passed away.” Still didn’t seem right. Maybe Willow could help him explain it better. Maybe Willow could help explain it to him… she hadn’t stop crying on the phone. “We need to go pick up Willow and Tara.”

There, that made more sense. They always went places in his car. Nothing unusual about that, which Anya seemed to get. At least her mouth was not wide open anymore. He wondered why she kept on looking at his cheeks. She opened her mouth again, probably to ask what to wear to such a thing. What else would she ask?

Anya asked. Xander kept on staring dumbly at her as if he couldn’t understand what she was saying. That he couldn’t hear the words being spoken. His mind was already in a jumble of emotions, trying to find reason to it all.

“You’re good to go.” He wiped at his mouth. The air conditioner must be out. Which made sense since it was cold out. “The girls are waiting.” Xander couldn’t think. But he could drive. He went to get the keys from their usual place. He frowned. They weren’t there. He turned to Anya feeling his anger rise. He never liked it when she moved the car keys. He was taken back when she appeared right in front of him, a strange look on her face, one he had never seen before. She placed her small hand on his wrist and he opened it instinctively. There lay the keys.

Anya smiled sadly but didn’t say anything. He was grateful. He didn’t know what he might do if he heard her voice. He might do something stupid like cry. So he let her do what she wanted if it meant she wouldn’t talk. He didn’t even question why she was wiping the sweat on his face. She had always mentioned how she found it very masculine and increased his sexual attractiveness. But he guessed she thought it would be unseemly to appear all manly in front of the others in these circumstances.

Xander seemed to have finally stopped crying. Anya wondered if he was aware of that, of anything. Although, he seemed relentless about one thing.

“The girls need a ride…” to somewhere. He didn’t know if Willow had mentioned wherever or not. He wasn’t sure that even if she had done so, he would have been able to hear her over the sobbing or would have been capable of moving through the pressure that had rushed into his ears as ‘the words’ had left her mouth. He had always prepared himself for a phone call, such as this, about one of them. But not her. Never her. She was constant.

It sounded like ocean waves in his head.

Ocean waves were of good things. They were of the Scooby beach party. Of the basket laden with all his favorite dishes that Joyce had personally packed.

There had to be an explanation.

Why was Anya’s mouth still moving like that? Shouldn’t sound come out? Something other than the waves. He would now prefer her erratic woven words to the sound that flushed away good memories.

Yet, something still aware inside was telling Xander maybe it was a blessing in disguise that Anya had lost her ability of speech.

Did Xander lose his sense of hearing?

He continued to look at her in a befuddled manner.

Why wasn’t Xander explaining this to her? Anya felt herself pout.

He was supposed to be her boyfriend. All strong and masculine, take her hand and show her the human ways. Xander wasn’t supposed to cry, much less seem so at a loss.

She felt mortal, scared and alone. Xander just stood there not talking. Why wasn’t her boyfriend answering her? Explaining why this was happening? What was expected of her? Why did it hurt? What was she to do to make it stop hurting?

And *why* did nice people have to die?

She didn’t understand.

Xander still would not answer her. He was looking at the keys like they held the answers she was looking for.

“Oh, God, we mustn’t keep the girls waiting.” He looked around for his coat. Oh, wait, it was slung over his arm, right. With a firm nod he exited through the open door.

Anya closed her eyes with a sigh. She took a short detour to get her sweater. Her heart thumping fast, her mind overflowed with emotion and eyes burning while she was sure they were not doing that before. The door closed behind her as she followed Xander.

It clicked.

The apartment stood still in silence after the residences’ departure. The wooden door suddenly reopened. Anya, with quick steps, headed towards the kitchen, placed the fruit punch in the fridge then ran out again barely closing the door behind her with a frantic slam.

The End…
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Title: Three left

Rating: PG13

Author: Mera

Feedback: lusciousspike@yahoo.com

Pairing: None… well there is but telling would ruin it. Actually if you look hard in one of the ficlets… you'll notice some slashy undertones… if not just try standing on your head? *g* a prize if you know for whom! I got three people who got a sneak preview guessing right so I guessed it was ok to send here… slash list and all *G*

Warning: Not very happy. Character death. 

Summary/ Author Note (*cringe* sorry for the extensive babble!): Some things I wanted to happen in S7 BtVS during Conversations With Dead People. Why was it that only Willow, Dawn and Buffy had scenes in that? Even Spike didn’t have any lines in that episode. What really irked me was that Xander, Giles and Anya had no appearance at all. Willow had a visit from the First imprisoning ‘Tara’ I SO am not going into the silliness that is not using the right actress. Dawn from her Mom/The First. And Buffy got to chat with an old friend/shrink wanna be turned vampire. Of course I can’t expect to see both Buffy and Dawn getting a visit from Joyce, so that’s ok. And Willow got a visit from her ‘special person’. Spike, well, poor guy already had enough visits from The First and was under his hold at the time. Hell even Andrew got Warren!

But what about the other three cast members? Didn’t they have special dead people The First can bring back to haunt them?! Well I sure am not claiming to be in any level near the writers of the show but I’m going to rectify that here... isn’t that the whole point of fanfic? Unfortunately you nice people reading this have to endure it... *sheepish grin* sorry!

A/N 2: Okay, so [personal profile] lusciousxander and I have been talking and decided to do a Missing Scene Series 'MiSS' sometimes separately sometimes together, unfortunately for you guys *hides from flying fruits* *waves white flag* it's only some ficlets! Just some scenes that we thought should have happened in the shows. 

Thanks goes out to [personal profile] strickens_girl like always for the valuable beta help! *smoochies* also to Barb for the first-rate quick beta!






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