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What is this MiSS I speak of? Well, it's a shortening I've so *cough* wittily devised referring to Missing Scene Series: a bunch of standalone ficlets/short fiction that resulted from the need to see more of something, or feeling that there was a scene missing on the show that could use some elaberation. Generally, MiSS will follow the canon of the show and would stick to characterization as best as possible. And if the scene required slash, pre-slash or indication of such, then... who are we to argue? ;)

MiSS usually pop up when me and my friends talk - a handy outlet when WB (that's Writers Block not that the other isn't as bad) strikes hard.

The only rule to MiSS is that they stick to canon as best as they can, character and story wise, in a way that doesn't diverge much from the show, or at best, at all. If there are any pairings within the MiSS it is a canon not fanon pairing, hints and innuendo are exceluded, for reference see the works of Joss Whedon. 

To read the stories in the order they were written in (old to the new ones) check here

Now. What follows is a chronological list (canon wise) and short discriptions/summaries, characters and timelines of the MiSS I've written so far: 


MiSS )


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Title: The Other Side to the Story
Author: [personal profile] lusciousspike
Rating: For the eyes of anyone who can read…
Summary/TimeLine: Season Five ANGEL “The Girl in Question” and a spoiler or two to Joss Whedon’s Season Eight BtVS. Italy, what really happened?
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon claims he gave this fandom life. What? You see me arguing with that?
Note: 1. Part of the Missing Scene Series MiSS but is a stand-alone like all of them are.
           2. For other Missing Scenes go here.
Thanks and snuggles to my [personal profile] lusciousxander for her quick beta!


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Title: Who's the Coolest?
Author: Mera
Feedback: lusciousspike@yahoo.com
Characters in order of appearance: Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Spike, Giles, Willow, Tara.
Pairing: Spike/Xander... sort've... pre-slash.. kinda... slash? *sigh* labeling is so confusing. You tell me when you read!
Summary: Fun ficlet. It’s Dawn’s birthday party. She makes everyone play 'I Never'.
Disclaimer: Nothing, I own nothing I say! Except this silly plot bunny and the craziness that ensued. Don’t blame JossW, ME, WB (no wait blame them! Just for something else *g*)… I merely borrowed the strings to the puppets that they own *sob*.
Notes: 1/ This is set somewhere in season 5 BtVS. Riley left coz Buffy didn't love him. Anya is no more. She gets in the way of Spander… so she must go. How? Well, there’s the school of thought says that when Xander professed his love, she freaked and skipped town.
2/ Joyce is still alive. It’s just that after the surgery was a success she needed to catch up on her work, left for a convention in… I dunno… New York and was held up for some reason or another. Let’s say, the flight was delayed. So she missed Dawn’s b-day and Buffy wanting to make it up to her sister, fell under the pressure and invited Spike. For no more reason than to stop her younger sis from whining about how crappy her life is, and better than Dawn sneaking off to Spike’s crypt like she usually did when she was upset, Buffy twisted Spike’s arm into showing up at a kiddy party. Literally!

I Never… I didn’t make the game… but I sure converted it to my wicked pleasure here *smirk*

Thanks to Farah for the quick read!! *smooch*

Italics & *& capitals = emphasize
~ = thoughts


It was Dawn’s birthday party, and everyone wanted to make the young girl happy.

The Summers women had planned on a night just for them then a big party at the Bronze for Dawn and her friends the day after. Joyce couldn’t return in time from her business trip and the Bronze was closed for renovation. Therefore, the teenager, backed up by her lack of luck in life and of quote ‘too girly presents’ minus of course Spike's ‘cool Sex Pistols CD’, demanded that the gang fall to her requests.

Dawn wanted to play ‘I Never’.


Dawn puffed her cheeks. “It’s my birthday wish, Buffy.”

Buffy shrugged. “Well, it’s a stupid one. I’ll light the candles again and this time when you blow them out, wish something impossible- without saying ‘I wish’, 'cause there only lies demony badness--- oooh, like a pony!” She pasted on an eager smile.

Dawn crossed her arms. “If you make me do-over a wish, I’ll say I wish, and you’ll get stuck with a demonic pony.” She narrowed her eyes. “That eats ALL your shoes… except flip-flops.”

Buffy’s face turned indignant but before she could retaliate, a mediator from the observing group intercepted.

“Buff. Deep breath!” Xander stepped between the girls. He turned to Dawn. “You know better than to attack your sister's shoes, Dawnster,” he chastised her, only to have Dawn turn her glare at him.

“You’re taking her side!” she said in a huff, nearly stomping her foot. “Like usual, it’s all about Buffy.”

Buffy pushed Xander out of the way. “Dawn, stop acting like a kid. I’m not letting you play this 'cause it’s an adult game.”

“Better she does it here than out on the streets.”

Emerald eyes turned in a fierce look. Spike acted like he didn’t care as he played with his lighter.

“Don’t you dare light that thing in here. Oh. And yeah, who asked your opinion?”

Spike flicked his zippo closed and replaced it in his duster. He looked at Buffy like she was missing something. “Niblet wants to try something she saw on TV.” He ignored Buffy’s darkened expression stating ‘What the hell were you having my kid-sis watch when she went mental and snuck out to hang out with the undead!’. Buffy’s looks were very expressive. “You rather she experiences it first hand with a bunch of one-track-mind whelps, or here under your slayer powered thumb?”

Buffy opened her mouth, closed it then scrunched her nose trying to rebut that.

Giles, who had been silent all this time, spoke up, “You have no idea how it pains me to say this, Buffy, but I have to agree with Spike.”

Buffy sighed reluctantly. “I guess.”

“Excuse me.” Xander raised a finger, turned, walked to the window, moved the living room curtains to look out, then returned to the group surrounding the cake. At everyone’s look he explained, “Just checking the world still exists.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Okay, guys, dig in, the sooner we eat Dawn’s face---” She grinned innocently when she saw Dawn twisted her lips at the hideous face on the childlike cake. “---the sooner we start the game and the sooner Dawn gets bored.”

Dawn squealed but she quickly held it back as soon as it was uttered. She bit her lip to stop a smile that wanted to emerge full blow in response to Spike’s conspiring wink.

After Willow and Tara helped Buffy clear out the cake and the presents to the kitchen and dining room, the three girls came back laden with drinks and glasses, placing them on the living room table. Dawn pouted when all the alcohol was placed as far away from her as possible seeing as Buffy’s unwavering condition was changing the rules so that Dawn would drink soda instead.

The group took places on the ground surrounding the table.

“Let’s keep it easy and light …” Buffy started only to end with an exaggerated ‘ow’ when Dawn’s elbow rammed into her rib.

“Buffy, you promised, everything goes.” Dawn grinned widely. “You were outnumbered in the vote. Everyone agreed that it’s not real ‘I Never’ otherwise.”

Willow giggled when she heard Buffy mumble, “Traitors,” in stage whisper. The redhead caught everyone’s attention with a small wave. “Okay, I think the birthday girl should start.”

Dawn picked the soda bottle and frowned trying to remember how the people on that late night movie acted. “Uh, I never… smoked.”

Giles and Spike took a drink.

Dawn frowned. “I meant … you know, ‘I never smoked pot’,” she explained on Giles’ behalf. “Not smoke smoke.”

Giles shrugged, and again both he and Spike raised their glasses. A gasp to the right turned their attention to Tara’s eyes bugging as Willow took a drink as well.

“Willow?” Tara placed a boat load of questions in one word.

Willow blushed. “Um, Oz… well…” she trailed off.

“Here’s for dog boy, showing his gal the ropes!” Spike toasted, but an inch before the glass reached his mouth, Xander’s hand shot out to grab him.

“No toasts.” He wiggled his finger at the vampire. “Evil vamp wants to mooch on free drinks, he does it playing by the rules.”

“On this cheap drink that can’t fuzz out a pup?” Spike snorted and placed down his glass. “I’ll win this hands down, Scrappy.” He titled his head. “No real competition here… except maybe Ripper.” Spike chuckled at the competitive gleam that appeared in Xander’s eyes.

To the left, Giles had taken off his glasses and placed them in his shirt pocket. He made himself more comfortable.

“Okay, going clock wise, I guess I’m next,” Buffy said. She seemed to be getting into the mood of things. “I never … skinny dipped.”

Again, Spike and Giles took a drink. Several grinned and held back loud hoots at a blushing Tara who took a sip as well. Willow bumped shoulders with her girlfriend and gave her a meaningful ‘complete details later’ and they both giggled.

It was all silent for a while until Spike nudged Giles with his docs. “Oi, mate. Don’t tell me that little sip made you conk out already.”

Giles blinked noticing that everyone was looking at him expectantly. He hadn’t realized it was his turn. Suddenly, what Spike had said registered and he turned to look at the smirking vampire. “I’ll have you know, William, that I could drink you under the table.”

It was Giles’ turn to smirk at how the reference darkened Spike’s expression. The watcher had been apprehensive of this game. He had intended to try and sway Dawn from playing this, or at the very least excuse himself for some odd reason. However, the sad look that would have befallen the teenager’s face put a stop to that all too soon.

“As Spike’s haughty attitude suggested, I should say mine. Well, then…” He frowned thinking. “I had never… wait, no. That’s not right. Ah, right, I’d never worn black nail varnish.”

“Really??” Xander exclaimed. “'Cause in that picture I found with Will… ye-ouch!” He rubbed at his calf where long witch nail had dug in. “Never mind.”

Giles twisted his lips, but observed as Spike, Buffy, Willow picked up their drinks.

Spike made a loud burp as he leaned back. He blew a kiss at Buffy’s disgusted look. “My turn then. This one's a thinker.” He tilted his head back in what seemed like it would be deep thought, but that took no more than a second. “Right. I never dyed my hair.” And promptly took a drink himself.

He raised his eyebrow over the glass at everyone’s infuriated look. As he pulled down the half empty glass he snickered as everyone, minus Xander, took a drink.

“I vote that unless you honestly never did ‘I Never’ you are banned from the game. No, from the whole game area even! All in favor?” Xander shot a deadly glare at Spike.

Dawn exasperatedly rolled her eyes.

“Here here!” Buffy, however, agreed wholeheartedly as she unconsciously played with her hair. “Xander. It’s your turn.”

Xander opened his mouth and had to stop himself from grinding his teeth together when Spike whispered only for his ears, “Wish you hadn’t said that just now, don’t ya?”

With anger choked words, Xander said, “I never got so drunk that I got confused.”

Buffy was the first to drink, followed by Giles and Spike.

Dawn pouted. “I really hope you all don’t stick on saying grownup ‘I Never’s.”

Buffy patted her sister’s hair. “This is your choice, Dawnie, remember.” She grinned evilly. “This way if you drink to a grownup ‘I Never’ I’d know.”

Dawn’s eyes widened, she hadn’t thought of that. “I could like not drink and you’d never know,” she said defiantly.

Buffy shrugged. “Well, that’s against the rules, and you could get hexed or something.”

Dawn turned wide eyes at Willow, who shrugged. “This is the hellmouth, Dawnie. I wouldn’t try my luck,” she said, raising her shoulders apologetically.

“Keeping to the rules of truth games is a sacred bond.” Xander was physically set to pounce the minute that the next ‘I Never’ applied to him.

Spike snickered. “Easy to say for the boy who has yet to drink.”

Xander pretended that Spike didn’t exist anymore while he turned pleading eyes at Willow.

Willow gave a small smile. “I never ate a whole box of Twinkies by myself.”

With a whoop, Xander chugged down his glass as if drinking the entire glass would have him catch up to the others. He placed his glass down with a satisfied sigh.

Spike shook his head in mock sadness. “Pity play.”

Xander, still loopy from the quick drink, stuck his tongue out at Spike.

Spike looked at the childish act with half lidded eyes. “Better do something with that dangling meat, mate, or put it back where it belongs.”

Xander took a moment to process that before he felt his face heat up and he turned back to the table.

Spike was filled with satisfaction and when his eyes turned and caught Buffy’s, he stuck his tongue to the back of his teeth and leered.

“I-I never was attracted to s-someone I claimed to hate,” everyone snapped their attention to Tara’s whisper and watched her hair drop around her face, still not hiding the red tinged cheeks. The shy witch’s brand of bringing them back to the game shocked even her girlfriend.

Reluctantly, Xander, Spike and Buffy picked up their glasses. A second later, Giles did the same with a sigh.

Tara smiled when her girlfriend gave her a rolled eyed grin.

“I never made out with the same sex!” Dawn said trying to break the silent tension. She narrowed her eyes when all she got was shocked looks. She tapped his fingers. “We-ll? You really don’t want to enrage the ‘I never’ Gods, do you?” That showed them for ignoring the birthday girl.

Naturally, Willow and Tara sipped their drink, pretty blushes on their faces.

Buffy pushed around her glass with her fingers, before picking it up and taking a swallow. She had a firm look when she placed it down. “Beer bad.” That explained enough.

Spike picked up the open bottle, poured down more alcohol into his glass, then upon a moment of thought, he did the same for Giles who only let out a low snort. The two Englishmen gulped down the whole glass with nearly no wince to register.

Buffy’s eyes were as big as saucers. “I don’t want to know!” She looked on with fear at both men.

Xander was captivated with the table. It was the center of his being; no other reality existed but this. He even contemplated making a brand new living room table. One that didn’t hold bad memories.

Spike and Giles caught the different young stares before wincing as they barely looked at each other. “Bloody hell, never,” they said in unison.

Buffy hummed in thought. It was her turn to play again, wanting to move from the topic as soon as possible, “I never made a spell that went wrong.”

“Thanks, Buff,” Xander said, though the tone of his voice claimed the opposite.

Everyone at the table -other than Buffy- took a drink, only Spike and Giles didn’t have guilty looks on their faces, it was more of faraway gaze of someone who was trying to remember exactly what had transpired in their past dealings.

Buffy gave her sister a pointed glare when she sipped her soda guiltily.

And the game continued for several more rounds, in which Xander only got in two more drinks, even less than Dawn. It didn’t matter that Buffy was upset at Dawn for stealing a fish for God knew what reason, or that her baby sister saw a porno, it mattered that in the ‘I Never’ record, little Dawn was cooler than Xander.

The only victory that Xander had was when Spike mentioned in bored tones as he had tried to look down Buffy’s blouse, that he had never worn any ‘chit undies’. It was a testament of everything he HAD done, also a clear effort from the vampire to counter Xander’s hopes in having a getting a drink sometime in the recent future, as the blond had done all night.

Xander would have giving him that round if Willow hadn’t thrown at him one of her disapproving looks. So everyone ended up drinking in that round- yes, even Giles, who would be sure to get the weirdest looks the other day- all but Spike.

Xander snickered when Spike looked shocked and not a little impressed at him when he loudly slurped his drink, then made a satisfied sound with his tongue. Luckily for Xander, there was nothing in the rules for him to explain the when and how of the events. He would never live down that fraternity embarrassment, but at least it would only be between him, Willow and his college tormentors.

Why had he told her about that humiliation again? Right. She hadn't stopped nagging about why Xander had lipstick on his lips, thinking that he had kissed a girl. To save his sanity, Xander had given up and told her everything, but only after he made a pact with his friend not to tell anyone. They had spit-sworn and everything!

What threw the young man though, was that he could have sworn that there was a moment where Spike was looking a little too intently at the ladies of the room. He wasn’t going to over-think that. There lied badness and a crazy vampire who would do anything to gain an upper hand, even if it were in a future game of ‘I Never’.

And, yeah, Spike was right in what he had proclaimed early on in the game, Xander thought hiding an unmanly pout. Spike was the first place in the number of drinks he had, and he still wasn’t the least bit fuzzy headed. Drinks sucked. This game sucked. There was a reason he only played ‘Spin the Bottle’.

“I never rode on a motorbike,” Willow said forlorn.

As always Spike and Giles refilled their drinks, but this time with the addition of Dawn.

Buffy smiled nicely at Spike. “Mr. Pointy has been asking about you.”

Tara giggled too intoned in the game, and a little lightheaded, “I never had sex with a guy.”

Xander, Dawn and Tara sat this round out.

Xander mumbled, “I’m gonna pretend that I saw Giles *not* drink. Heck, I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see SPIKE drink. I’m young, and apparently too innocent, and I need my sleep.”

“Gonna stay awake all night thinking about me, Xander?” Spike said in a falsetto tone. He dodged Xander's punch. “That Ethan bloke seems like a fun loving guy, eh, Rupes?”

Giles gave Spike his best Ripper look, even the vampire had to admit he felt a knot in his throat at that dark look.

“La, la, la, it’s a happy place, full of red and purple flowers and none shoe eating ponies and Giles didn’t have sex with evil Ethan…” Buffy sighed blissfully. Beer was bad but cheap whiskey wasn’t.

“Oi,” Spike said interested. “In that paradise of yours, slayer, am I blissfully non-buggered by your ex-honey?”

“Riley?!” Dawn’s eyes widened.

Buffy suddenly noticed her sister, and clamped her hands over her ears. “No! Save what little innocence you have!” she cried out desperately.

Dawn slapped Buffy’s booze weakened grip away. She caught a sick look on Spike’s face.

“Does Captain Cardboard’s hair stand straight up?” Spike asked with a tilt.

“Angel?!” the squeak was from Xander who was looking frantically around. “Bleach, any kind. Even the kind that Buffy and Biteless use!” He scrubbed at his head as if to release the evil images.

Giles looked contemplative. “That’s quite understandable seeing as…”

“No.” Buffy actually held Giles’ lips together. Slayer swiftness seemed to be all in order. “I knew this was a bad, bad idea. It screamed to me ‘Buffy, I’m bad,’ so no more understandable seeing. I am blissfully drunk and will wake up of no memory of this night.” She nodded assertively then she sat back down. “Dawnie.”

“I never had a tattoo.” Dawn grinned at Buffy.

“I’ll have you know it wasn’t consensual!” Buffy said as she took a drink. She mumbled in her drink, “It’s was all Giles’s boyfriend’s fault.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Yeah, the first one you mean.” She watched as Giles took a drink.

Spike titled his head. “I honestly dunno if I have any tats.” He swung his gaze around the table. “Anyone care to check? Harris?” When Xander pretended that he couldn’t hear Spike's questioning 'innocent' tone, the vampire sighed. “Ah, well, don't want to chance some game god takin' offence, so I’ll set this on out. Inking was more Angelus’ thing anyway.”

When Buffy replaced her glass with a content sigh, Spike continued as if he was having a conversation with her, “Remember that wicked beast on his right shoulder? How you could feel it if you close your eyes and lick…”

With a swift move to the right, Spike chuckled as he avoided the stake now emended in the couch cushions.

Xander didn’t move. He was frozen in his spot. His wide eyes though swerved as much as they could to his right and watched as the pencil thin stake pulsated with the impact.

“Buffy!” Dawn said in shock. “You actually tried to kill Spike!” She pointed. “And so telling mom the couch is totally your fault.” She huffed. “Who’s acting like a baby, if you read any of the books Giles told you to study…”

Buffy banged her head against the table top. “Short term memory, it’s really nice… alcohol bad, made my reflexes girly… Spike dust nice…”

Xander’s motor functions finally kicked in. “Spike, couch, what about, gosh, I dunno, ME?!” he spluttered pointing at the short distance separating him and the sharp projectile. Looking around, he searched for some kind of acknowledgment at the very least, he found none. Well, other than Spike snickers but those could have been due to Buffy’s hair soaking up the spilled liquid.

That was funny actually.

A loud groan was heard. Giles was stretching as he got ready to stand up. “I’m afraid this has to be the last one for me, as it is, I wonder how I will drive back.”

“Wait!” Dawn stood up to face him. “Just one more, and I’m the birthday girl, and I should say it!”

“Hurry up then, Bit, don’t want me to catch the morning light. I don’t freckle well.”

“Maybe you should try it,” Buffy said with venom, raising her head. If it weren’t for Spike, this night wouldn’t be as revealing as it was. It was all his fault.

“I never kissed a guy on the lips.”

Collective groaning at the reopening of that topic echoed in the room.

Buffy took a large gulp, somewhat unusual for her, but after the recent events no one faulted her. Willow took a sip finishing her glass, Tara right on her heels with a mumbled, “Prom,” as an explanation. Spike chugged down his glass, before standing up, and handing Giles his own. Giles placed his glasses on his face, but took the offering with a brief incensed shake of his head then finished it off.

“Great,” Xander whined as he and the others stood up. “Just me and Dawnie… w-w- what are you doing?!” the last was said in a horrified rush.

All eyes turned as one to look at Dawn who just finished wiping away the residue of gulping down the entire soda bottle.

She smiled sheepishly at them all.

Spike stalked over to her and took a sniff.

“Ew.” Dawn slapped at him. “Don’t smell me, Spike!”

“Just want to know who the bugger is so I can have… a nice talk with him.”

Buffy stood next to Spike in full slayer mood. “Dawn, let Spike sniff you.”

“What?! No. Guys. Listen. This is the only way I could tell you all, I have a boyfriend. And no, I’m not telling you his name, coz you all need to get used to that idea first, ok?” Dawn looked pleadingly at the protective group. “Please.”

Tara patted Dawn’s shoulder. “You know, Dawn, you could’ve told us this in a different way.”

Dawn shrugged sheepishly. “This was way more fun.”

Buffy groaned. “I can’t deal with this tonight. I’m too info-ed out.” She yawned. “Okay, people who don’t live here, leave. Dawn.” She caught his sister’s eyes. “Tomorrow we’re buying you a chastity-belt.”

Dawn took on an outraged appearance especially when she saw Spike nodding.

“Don’t think they sell those anymore, but I bet I can get a fine deal with a demon I know…”

“Good night, ladies!” Xander waved at Tara and Willow who were making their escape. “It was… interesting. I don’t think I know a group of people more, sadly.”

When Spike was about to write down his demon supplier’s name Xander grinned in goodbye at Buffy, wished a last happy birthday at Dawn then he dragged Spike out by the arm.

Behind them, they heard Giles say his goodnight before pulling the door closed behind him. The watcher stood next to the two men on the porch.

“I think I’m sober enough to drive now.”

Xander raised his eyebrows in uncertainty.

"I am," Giles defended, offended. He stumbled towards his car, hearing Xander's unsure voice behind him calling, "Are you sure?"

Giles didn’t answer and Xander and Spike watched as he moved down the driveway drunkenly, getting into his car and driving away.

“You know he went back home to his ‘secret’ single malt stash.”

Spike grunted in response.

“What?” the vampire sighed after a couple minutes of silence only punctuated by the sounds of the girls inside the house getting ready for bed.

Xander smacked a hand on his face. “This got to be the cheap booze talking, but what’s the deal with everyone’s ‘gay experiences’. I mean, I know I never went to college, that doesn’t mean that experimenting is limited to people in collage! You never went to collage!”

Spike scoffed. “I graduated top of my literature class, Numchuck.” He shook his head. This sure was a night of honest revelations. Thankfully, Xander was too wrapped up in his current pitiful life to notice Spike’s previous one.

“It’s not fair! Giles!” Xander said the last word in an offended way.

“I’m sure he was headboy back in his day.” Spike sniggered.

Xander slapped his hands over his head, gripping his hair. “That’s just wrong! I mean Dawn’s way cooler than me,” his voice dropped and so did his shoulders.

Spike scratched the back of his ear. “Want a snog then?” he said promptly.

Xander could hear his neck snap from the quick moment, but he couldn’t care. “WHAT?”

“I’m your best choice if you want to get that off your closeted ‘must experience’ list. You prefer Rupert, then?”

“You’re evil.”

“Thank you for noticing.”

Head tilt.

Mop of hair shook in an effort to make sense of it all.

Xander finally turned contemplative eyes at the bored looking vampire. “When did you last drink blood?”

“Why? You offering?”


“Fine. Uh, ‘round sunset.”

Xander did quick calculations in his mind.


Xander might be less tolerant to drink than he gave himself credit for.

Spike raised his eyebrow. “Well, no wonder you’re sweepin’ them bints left and right.”

Xander beamed cheekily. “Just trying to catch up with you, Matcho-man.”

“Let’s do this and be over with.”

“How…” Xander didn’t get to finish, because his mouth was otherwise occupied.

Xander had a moment of hesitation, the urge to pull back and pound at the cool alien feeling of another man’s lips on him, but that was fleeting. He felt Spike respond to him giving in without hesitation, lips softening against his, less forceful than at first. It was kissing, nothing new in that. Except everything. It was different, from the feel of the body against him, to the strong hand gripping his face into place, the firm shoulders he was leaving his nails imprint in, the feel of the hand sliding down his back, and the cool tongue dominating his. It was overwhelming his senses.

It could have been only a ten seconds or ten minutes for all Xander knew. He just knew that he wasn’t the one who moaned when it ended at the loss. He would swear on his parents’ life if it came to it. He also didn’t feel lightheaded nor experienced what the teenage girls call ‘jelly knees’.

“That ‘nuff experiencing for ya?”

Xander blinked. “Uh huh.”

Spike smirked. “Still have it.” He nodded as if speaking to someone else. “That’s nice to know.” He stuck his hands into his duster and walked away.

Xander nodded to himself after several moments standing there alone. He walked down the path to the driveway, and stood next to his car, a distant look in his eyes. He shook his head as he searched his pockets for his car keys. A frown marred his face. He could have sworn that the keys were in his jeans pockets. He even patted them to make sure right before…

Right before he dragged Spike outside, a second prior to Buffy declaring the vampire Guardian of Dawn’s Virtue which in her intoxicated mind might have seemed the best course of action. Xander didn't know if he should take up that position himself as he thought about Dawn having a teenage admirer, God he hoped he was a teenager, you didn't know with those Summers girls. However, something kept his thoughts of tearing the anonymous – for now - *boy* a new one at bay, enough for him to focus ...

Spike had his keys, which were attached to his wallet.


And Xander could care less.

He had supplied the party with drinks and his wallet was empty save for an expired library card he had kept because it made him look cool. And he had forgotten his license like usual right next to his spare car keys.

With a shrug, Xander started to whistle as he walked down the street to his apartment.

He didn’t need to look cool. He was. Being pick-pocketed, groped and French kissed by a guy, a dead guy, put him three points over Dawn in the game.

He was now tied with Tara!

The End… See, this was suppose to be a funny ficlet, heck I fooled myself enough to believe that a drabble was possible. Naïve thy is my name. Anyway, I wonder if there is potential for more in this? It kinda out grew my first contemplation of it. Should be studying for my last exam when I'd first written this. But as Xander so eloquently thought, I could care less! *pokes fic to see if something else comes out*
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I just deleted the original entry of this by mistake, damn blinding head aches/sleepy eyes. And I thought what better than to repost it. This is my LJ after all! *giggle*

For those who don't know this, this is something [livejournal.com profile] lusciousxander and I cooked up a while ago coz of lack of any brainwaves whatsoever… something for fun. So be warned! Oh, and we found that voicing this little scribble adds to the fun... *heh* or so we've been told. Enjoy!

Title: Into the Woods PARODY
Authors: Farah [livejournal.com profile] lusciousxander & Mera [livejournal.com profile] lusciousspike
Pairing: It's slash… and well you have to read it to see. A fun pairing is all we can tell you!
Rating: R it's a little violent… in a fun way, promise!
Spoilers: S5 BtVS Into the Woods… duh!
Feedback: lusciousx2@yahoo.com
Summery: What if Xander got Buffy to stop Riley a little faster. Can't say anymore but yes it is slash! You have to read it. PLEASE!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though we borrowed Spike, Xander and Riley and others and dammit we’ll take our time!! *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? No way!!!!!! YES PLEASE! Just tell us first.

Authors Note: 1. It is not beta-ed. That's part of the point actually. It's a fun ficlet… the mistakes are deliberate, you'll see.
2. Italics represent our inside notes just to make things 'clear' for you. *lol*
3. ~ = character thoughts

Venture... Into the Woods )
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This is a fic I wrote due to constant nagging and yes begging from my lovely co-writer lusciousxander. So here I am writing her a Xangel(us) to go along with the Spander I wrote her *huff* and do I get any?? *tries to look particularly pouty*

Oh well, I hope you all enjoy this!

Title: Dark End
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lusciousspike 
Pairing: Angel(us)/Xander, Spike/Drusilla, mention of Angel/Buffy.
Rating: Hm, 15 and over to be safe.
Spoilers: BtVS season 2 and maybe a plot of season 3
Feedback: lusciousspike@yahoo.com
Summery: What if Xander regretted what he told Buffy in the end. He had let his anger, hate and jealousy cloud his judgment, but for who?
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though I borrowed the chars for some harmless fun… I'm sure he'll understand *worried Joss will sue when he sees what I did here*
Distribution: You want it? *snort* you're not kidding are you? Well, tell me where, so I won't think I'm hallucinating.
Dedication: To lusciousxander who bugged me to death til' I wrote this! If you don’t like it then … *shrug* I don’t care. I did it. A Xangel(us) just for you, *sniff* that should be enough.
Warning: Characters death! Mention of rape. This is *not* a happy tale kids!

Thanks to [info]lusciousxander and Barb for the great quick beta!


Dark End )

“Close your eyes.”

Hesitantly, he did.

Buffy pulled her arm back and thrust the sword. Like Angel, she closed her eyes in the split second it took for the blade to be embedded. She swallowed down her nausea as she felt her strong plunge sink into soft tissue but her push didn’t waver. Her eyes snapped open involuntarily, her ears had been painfully waiting for Angel’s gasp but she heard a different kind of gasp than she expected along with it. Her green eyes widened as they took in the sight with horror.

Only then had the scream she thought was in her own head registered.


Xander had jumped in front of Angel to protect him from the sharp blade. But instead of the opening he sought to voice his complaint, Slayer Strength was too quick and too strong.

Through the throbbing filled haze, he could feel the razor-sharp edge that ran straight through him being supported by something else.

In moments as long as several lifetimes, he slowly turned his head, blinding pain passing through him at the simple movement. However, it was nowhere near the pain that shun in his eyes at his failure, for behind the large hunched figure he could see the portal slowly opening.

“Oh God, Xander!”

He turned his head noting that everything around him was covered in a strange radiance. His eyes finally found Buffy’s horrified ones, she still clutched at the sword.

“Xander,” a chocked whisper sounded in his ear.

He spared no moment or pain to turn his head back and catch shocked and surprised whiskey orbs.

“I was too late. I told her to…”

Angel shook his head and laid his large cold hand on the young face. “You did what you had to do.”

Painful chuckle. “You don’t even know what I did.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Xander smiled. He coughed and blood appeared on live lips.

“Xander… I just want you to know… I-I didn’t want him to… I didn’t want to…”

“It wasn’t you.”

“He did it because of what I wanted.” Frantic words. “Wanted to punish you for my… You know that I…?” Brown eyes implored to understand the unvoiced words.

Somehow they were.

Xander shook his head lightly as he turned his head back, looking away at a distance that didn’t exist. “I wasn’t… I thought… y-you hated me…”

“Same here.” Angel reached around and held him close. “You shouldn’t be here. Shouldn’t been there…”


“You sure you don’t want to come in, Xander?” Willow asked as she opened the front door. “Mom and Dad went to a convention … the Methods of Teaching or something… and won’t be coming back for two days.”

“Thanks, Wills. But my job as escort ends here.” Xander frowned and scratched his head. “Clearly not a professional escort.”

Willow, standing in the open doorway, giggled and slapped at him. “You’re dirty.”

“Wish Cordelia would find it as amusing.” Xander rolled his eyes.

Willow scrunched her nose. “I’m not interested to hear about Cordelia Chase.”

Xander raised his hands. “Love to hear about that, again, but if I don’t get home in-” He looked at his wristwatch. “Fifteen minutes, Dad’s gonna lock me out. And I really need the bathroom!”

Willow waved him off. “K', call me when you get home, so I’ll be sure you’re okay.”

Xander plastered a happy smile on his face. “Sure thing, General. Will report as soon as I set foot in HQ.” With a comedic salute, he turned away.

He walked down the street with both hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans. His eyes followed his sneakers as they created shadows in the illumination of the streetlights he was passing.

He didn’t know when it happened. But, all of a sudden, he realized that someone was walking by his side, matching his awkward steps. With a swift turn, very agilely, he had the stake inches over the vampire’s chest.

Angelus easily held his wrist away from his heart, smirk firmly in place.

“Well, look what we’ve got here.”

Xander tried to pull his arm back but the vampire had a firm grip on it. The boy twisted his face when Angelus brought his closer and whispered, “Still the White Night, watching over your girls.”

“Really should look into these new-fangled things called breath mints, blood breath!”

Angelus smiled a toothy grin and pushed Xander back, hard, causing his head to connect in a bang with a metal pole. Sliding down, Xander watched with half silted eyes Angelus instructing two vampires to not damage the goods as they brought it back to the mansion. He lost consciousness when he felt several cold hands grabbing at him.


Xander couldn't breathe.

He fought for breath and used his cramped arms to press against the wall that was closing in with all of his strength. Only thing he received was an indulgent chuckle.

“Shhh, it’s me love.”

He opened his eyes and could barely see in the darkness of the room. But some light was escaping from somewhere and he could see. See his face smiling down at him. Xander sighed. He was having one of those dreams again. He raised his hand and traced that handsome face, the wide forehead, the rare smile. Only in his dreams was that smile directed at him. His head was pounding, that was new. But he didn’t resist when the face came down to kiss him. He didn’t close his eyes. What was the point? It would be wasting what his pathetic mind had concocted. An inch away from his mouth, Angel stopped. Xander frowned. This never happened before.

“He would never touch you… you would never feel his lips on yours. I’ll see to that.”

With a gasp, it all fell into place, what had happened… where he was. He tried to pull away but what had caused him his shortness of breath earlier held on. There was a rough rope tied around his waist biding his upper body down onto the bed but leaving his naked limbs free to flail.

Angelus laughed at his weak attempts.

“Disgusting soul. Lusting after a slayer of all things and falling for her pathetic companion. Children. Hah! And they call me deviant.”

“Let me go, you bastard!” Xander hissed as he pulled at the binds. “You want to kill me, get it over with!”

Angelus caressed his chest where the rough material didn’t cover. “Ah, but death is so second rate. I’m going to play with you.” Xander thrashed some more. With ease, Angelus held him down. “Do you know that he knows? Knows that you look at him and want him as you hide behind scathing words?” He licked over the boy’s pulse point. “Yet, he does nothing.” The vampire pulled back, face of a demon shining in the dark.

Xander felt fear twist in him but he showed his defiance. He ignored what Angelus said. “Let me guess. The plan is to bore me with words, maim me, and send me to Buffy as a reminder? Dumb plan. You’d be dust in the wind before you can…!” His last words were swept away by his pained howl when Angelus twisted his member.

“That.” Another twist. “Is why I’m *not* doing it. Dumb plans. No, visible scars are so easy.”

Xander’s breath quickened when he realized what Angelus was doing out of the line of his sight.

“Now, there are scars that even you won’t be able to see. But you’ll feel it for days, weeks even. Just like the Slayer did. You will remember it, remember me. And you’d be all alone. More alone than ever. Visible scars they see and they comfort. But hidden scars are your own.” Sharp intake of breath. “I’ll sure enjoy inflicting them. It’ll be fun doing it to someone who have feeling in their lower body for a change,” he spat in distaste. “Then I’ll set you free like a good little puppy. You’ll run off to your little friends, slobbering at what attention they give you and you’ll continue your pathetic attempts at defeating me. But your new scars? They’ll eat at you from inside while everyone is watching, not caring.”

A chuckle. “She didn’t call to check up, you know. We have ALL night.”

Xander wanted to be strong. Needed to be. So why was there wetness running down his face?

“Don’t worry, Whelp. I’ll make it good for you. You’ll hate yourself for it. But don’t expect me to kiss it better for you in the morning.”

End Flashback

Xander knew he was crying. This time he admitted it. For what was a better time to shed tears than when everything was going to be lost? Angelus had taken everything from him, his sense of safety, calm slumbers and his innocence. There was nothing he could do.

However, there was one thing he could still take away from Angelus.

“I want to kiss you.”

Angel’s response was a tightening of his hold and a small nod against his neck. Xander twisted around this time more than before, the blade cut at his side and his neck rasped at the held back whimper of pain. But he continued. This was something he needed to do.

Brown orbs distinguished in their own way fused together and Xander felt a smile appear on his bloodied lips. Angel understood. He knew why this was so important.

They might have never gotten a chance to see ‘this thing’ through. Both of them held back by insecurity and their own ignorance of what their feeling in actuality embodied. Had it been lust, or something more? Somehow sharing the same fate as their blood mixed implied to the real answer. To what might have been and what could have been shared.

With some difficulty they were able to touch their lips against each other. It wasn’t perfect, not how they wanted to have their first real kiss. Angelus didn’t kiss Xander. It was too intimate. And that had never been part of his ‘plan’.

Grips had tightened and Xander felt his heart pound when he felt the pull. He held on. He ignored the flashing lights and what it symbolized, everything had seemed to have been in running in slow motion, but life was pushing itself back into familiar pace. His eyes didn’t waver from their mark, his vision had cleared and he was not about to waste what precious time they had left.

Somewhere during the lovers’ confession, Buffy had let go of the strong grip she had on the sword and took a couple of rigid steps back. She watched as the love of her life and her best friend said more in looks and actions than words could come to represent. She watched as they locked in painful, passionate embrace, their eyes still open as if to take in more of the sensation.

She looked on as they were silently sucked into Hell while she stood doing nothing.

Buffy was frozen in shock. At what she had discovered, what she had observed and what she had let happen as she stood idle. The world was saved. But the two men that had given her life were not in it anymore.

“Don’t know which stumped you most, Slayer. Them getting it on, or you doin’ them in.” Spike sauntered into view, she did nothing, said nothing to the person who spoke her thoughts aloud. “Maybe the fact that you have none to moon over you now.” He looked at where the two were mere moments ago. “Such a Shakespearian ending… bet you thought you’d be on the other side, him reaching out for you.”

Tears and silent gasps emanated from the powerful slayer. “Noticed how the ol’ boy clutched the hand of his sweet beloved?” Spike placed a hand over his dead heart. “Felt tears spring into my eyes, I did.”

With a slow head tilt, he turned his gaze to her.

“Should’ve expected you to take to extremes. You know, all you had to do was prick ‘im with the nifty sword and plunge it in the stone demon. But can always count on you to be such a drama queen.”

He stuck his tongue to his upper teeth and he smiled widely at her stony expression.

“Bet a part of you wanted it to be over, but couldn’t bear the thought of giving up tall, dark and handsome, so this was the best way out.” He slowly stalked up to her relishing the way her heart quickened its beat and how she bit the inside of her mouth so hard he could smell her sweet blood. “Kill your true love, your buggering soul-mate for the sake of the world, and cry a bit of silent tear, do a little teenage act of desperation and all would be sympathetic and understanding of *your* sacrifice.”

He bit his lip and flicked his eyes to the dormant statue. “But Droopy boy messed it all up.” He sighed.

There was a definite whimper as he reached her. She didn’t move when he ran his cold hand over her face, wiping at the tears.

“There, there, pet. I was never‎ as sadistic as Angelus …” He tilted her head. “Never let them say I don’t take pity on my enemies.”

Buffy didn’t look at him. Her eyes were still glued at where the two men who had such in impact on her had stood before...

“Think happy thoughts, don’t think about how Angelus raped your dear friend under your perky little nose and none of you were the wiser,” he said, hungrily taking in her anguished gasp before he sunk his fangs into her willing neck. It was quick. He let her lifeless body slink to the cold floor.

“No more Daddy, no more Kitten…?” Drusilla swayed, walking into the room.

“No more annoying Slayer spoiling our fun.” Spike twirled her around while they danced a circle around Acathla and Buffy, both still in their deathly state. He pulled Drusilla flesh against him.

“Just like your visions prophesized, my luv.”

She licked her upper lip. “You hurt my neck.”

“Aw, but you loved it, you minx. Lovely performer you were, pretending to conk out with loss of ‘unneeded’ air,” he tsk-ed.

She pouted. “I was an actress on stage.”

He laughed out loud and kissed her. “Yeah, you were, my wicked plum. The world is your stage and you play it as you please. Though next time when you play the unconscious damsel, don’t grab at my neck, eh?”

She looked chastened. “You were carrying me like a white bride.”

He pursed his lips and nodded. “My bad then.” He twirled her one last time before stopping in front of the stone statue, sword sticking out of its chest. He ran his finger over a bright red patch on what was showing from the blade. He sucked the finger in between his lips. “Mmm, unrequited love finally returned. Pity.” Then, he shrugged. “Oh well.” He shared an evil grin with his dark princess. “Let’s check on the slayer groupies. Maybe pass on the sad news?” He mock pouted.

Drusilla, giggling, clapped her hands and joined Spike, walking outside the mansion. They climbed into Spike’s Desoto and looked at the backseat, where Giles was lying, unconscious.

“He tasted lovely.” She licked her lips and fingertips.

“Yeah, well, you’re not keeping ‘em,” he said firmly, starting the engine. “He’s to be a play thing or dinner… no turning fifty year old geezers now.”

She giggled like she didn’t hear what he had said. “You will make the witch yours?”

“Bet you I am. Break her in first, so she’d mind her sire. Must watch out for the quiet ones… they’re the ones that can cause the most trouble.”

“Like us, William?” She blinked up at him wonderingly.

“Like we were, Dru, yeah.” He thought as he drove away. “I might keep her mutt as well. Always wanted me a pet, he’d make the perfect prezzie when Red's turned.”

Her nails scraped at the air. “Oooh, pelt tickles my nose when burned.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“They’ll be back,” she said prophetically.

He frowned. “So you said.” A smirk slowly appeared on his striking face. “Well, we’d better make sure to have the Hellmouth all fancied up for Daddy and Kitten’s return.”

He pressed forward and they sped away, a sparkle in his eyes.

The End…?

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To celebrate me being back I'm posting my first Spander ficlet. Enjoy!


Title: Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Author: Mera

Feedback: lusciousspike@yahoo.com ...

Rating: What do you think? I don’t know . . . R to be safe.

Spoilers: Uhh none maybe BtVS S5 but mostly AU.

Summery: oh no this is my first short fic it's silly and I’m not gonna tell you what happens ::sticks tongue:: so there!

Disclaimer: they belong to Joss, ME and co. I borrowed Spike Xander and whoever else is in here and returning them when I’m bored (can anybody guess when that will be?! lol)

Distribution: The Island, S.I.A.M., Susi’s Redssoulmates. Jessie's site. You want it? Really?! Sure if you wanna, just tell me so I can stop over and see it.

Author note: I got this idea and couldn’t get it out of my head! I couldn’t sleep until I wrote it… so you poor people have to suffer an insomniac’s writings.

Dedication: to my co-writer Farah, who is the best I couldn’t have asked for a better co-writer and friend, enjoy! And of course to the best beta ever, Janet!! (Who read this before any of you *g*)


* = emphasize

~ = thoughts




PB & C )

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Title: The Call

Author: Mera

Feedback: Do it… you know you want to! lusciousspike@yahoo.com

Rating: Something for all ages *g*

Pairing: None… well it could work as both spuffy and spangel-slash if you want…

Series: Part of the Missing Scene Series but is in fact a stand-alone like all of them are.

Summary/TimeLine: After Chosen. I've always wondered how Angel knew what happened to Spike in Sunnydale.

Warning: Mention of character death.


Thanks to Farah for the quick beta!






"Hi, can I talk to Angel please?"


"Uh, who should I say is calling?"


"Buffy… it's Buffy."


"Oh. Oh! Sure… wait a sec…"



"Buffy? Fred said that you wanted to talk to me?"


"Yeah. Angel…"






"Buffy? Is everything ok? Are you and the others ok? I saw what happened to Sunnydale on the news? Where are you? Are you guys coming here?"


"No… … we're on the road to Cleveland actually… we didn't stop at L.A… I'm talking at a phone at a gas station… thought I'd tell you that we don't need that second front anymore…"


In the background a girl's voice could be heard, "Kennedy, stop slapping my hand away and let me look at that arm!"


"Yeah, so we're okay as you can hear and…"


"Buffy. Are you ok? You sound…"


"Oh God Angel…"


"Buffy…?? Why are you crying? Is... is Dawn…?"


"Oh God no! Dawn's ok… well as okay as she can be when the shock finally settled in."


"Who then?"




"Giles…?" Nothing. "Willow." Silence on the other end. "Xander…?" A hitch of breath. "It's Xander isn't it?"


"N-no… Xander's fine… well not really… he's devastated coz of Anya… even though he's not showing it…  and… well he lost his eye… and…"


"Who is it Buffy?" Firm but hesitant… not really wanting to know… already knowing the answer.


"It’s Spike."




"Angel? I-I thought you should know. I know you two never got along much… or well at all but… Angel? Aren't you gonna say anything?"


A sigh. "I'm sorry Buffy. Was lost in the past a while there. Spike… he's the one constant thing… I never thought that… ever…"


A sniff. "I know. I always told him to leave… and when I stopped wanting him to…" Small laugh. "… guess I know now…"


"It was a little less lonely."




"The whole soul thing… when you told me… it was a little less lonely… and now… well not so much anymore."


"Thought you were all 12-years-old about it." A smile… just a little.


"12-year-olds want to be less lonely too."


"I get that… I'm not lonely now."


He didn't ask.


"Thank you… for telling me."


"Are you going to be ok?"


"Fine. I mean we really never got along, so why wouldn't I be." A question, a statement… it could work both ways.


"Tell that to someone that doesn't know the both of you so well. Well other than Drusilla maybe… and I'm so not going there." A shared mirthless laugh. "It was nice talking to you Angel. It's a little comforting to know that someone else is feeling this as much."


A short silence then a whispered, "Yes, it is."




The End…


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