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It’s been all but forever since I had enough time to log into fandom - being a grown up carrying other people’s near incompetence and lethargy in the menial everyday of the work place does that to you. 

But leave it to Joss Whedon to light a spark under my cold computer seat --- the last couple of episodes of Dollhouse. Man. I had been all ready for disappointment (ala Fox) from the get go - I thought I made sure that I wasn’t going to get attached. 

Darn you, Whedon. 

How can one NOT sit back and gape in awe at the utter artistic light His Maniacal Penmanship has brought to a mere television screen.  


No spoilers here, folks. 

All I got to say though, I have to finally succumb to fangirl whine at the utter unfairness that such an amazing show was not recognized by blind-money-hungry PTB who wouldn’t know fantastic writing and original characters if they haunted their every conscious moment. 

Suffice to say --- five minutes after I finished watching the show --- minutes spend trying to wrap my head around the masterpiece that had witnessed, I was left with bitter thoughts at the looming end of Ningyo Kaoku…

Yes, that’s Dollhouse in Japanese. Can’t say I haven’t learned something from all that Anime I watched ;) 


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