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So here’s the thing. I had been in desperate need of time and effort to even produce the need to do some screen-caps commentary much less do them… but something about this episode just made me wanna do it!


The usual rules apply. If it’s about Wilson and House, it is in. This is to satisfy my Hilson Delight. And some might think its fun – but this time around, I’m aiming for short, quick and ‘deep’. Let’s see if I can get there!

Please do no hotlink to the pictures. Thank you and hope you enjoy.Read more )

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Here is the second part to House - 501



ETA. I realized after I received an email from someone wondering where the second part of House 501, that whileI had indeed posted it as promised – it was locked. The reason is that when I post something I want to make sure it looks presentable and not overwhelms my f.list, so I make the entry personal. It seems I forgot to unlock it. Sorry about that, folks! I'm linking the first part to this. Also, I decided to delete that post and repost it again to make it a new entry that would appear in anyone’s update list. Hope you like this late capping.


Bandwidth Warning – Second Verse Same as the First  )My heart keeps breaking whenever I watch the last scene - for both our boy's sake.
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So it has been forever since I screen-cap commented… it is mostly at fault of muse-block-syndrome that is growing and it was not helped one little bit when my heart broke due to the end of the infamous 501. The near nothingness of Wilson in the second episode made me pissy and lack of said depressed trying-to-move-on-while-his-ex-cheats-on-him-with-a-neurotic-PI nearly drove me into despair. So now, I’m locked in a house with family members making nice and in an effort to “take a break” I am trying to see if I still have the knack for this screencap comments. So, ladies and gents – here it comes.


As always be forewarned that loading issues might occur for those with slow connection and please do not hotlink it just cramps up everyone’s fun and I don’t like reuploading ALL the pics on yet another server due to bandwidth problems.


Hope you like! :)  There might be changes/correction in the next few hours as I wanted to post this as soon as possible.



Dial-up warning - MANY caps within )
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This vidder combined two favorites of mine. House/Wilson and Tim Curry's insatiable voice.

Of course, one song of Curry's cannot filfill me, so I had to check out the kid's flick that had me flushing with naughty thoughts. *shakes head* Only Tim Curry and that Voice.

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Great House/Wilson vids. The first is hilarious (No way, no way. Hey hey. "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne) and the second is more angsty (9 crimes).

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**Important - read please** I am a novice to the bandwidth thing, but someone gave me some info on it. So, basically, I'm going to have to ask that no one link directly to the screen-cap pics because that would be bad for me and for anyone who's trying trying to view this. You can however link directly to this post or you can save the pic and upload it onto a server of your own (notice would be nice though *wink*). Hope you like :)


ETA: If the screen-caps aren't showing that means "bandwidth has been exceeded" I got this message from google just now The bandwidth or page view limit for this site has been exceeded and the page cannot be viewed at this time. Once the site is below the limit, it will once again begin serving as normal.  Also, While we do have a limit set on it, we are not at liberty to disclose the amount at this time. 
Sorry! This never happened before... (I think the 100+ caps did it in) I guess I'll have to wait for it to reset itself. If it doesn't work itself by tomorrow, I might need to move the pics to another server. 

ETA2: I recovered a little over half of the screen-caps, so slowly I'm going to replace what I have with what's up. It sucks.
 I'm back with more of this by popular (and nagging) demand. My screen-caps (some might say Wilson/House bias) comments.
So. Okay, it has been sometime since I did this. So let’s see if I remember how this goes…
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House M.D. Spoilers to the unaired episode 11 called Frozen.
And here's pics from the episode, check out the last one.
Under the cut is my ranting hidden for spoiler-y reasons.
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Review )

Onto the caps! With my added comments. Hope you like! I was really flattered when many let me know last time that they'd use them in their manips/icon and link back to the post. *blush* Also, promised I'd do this. I was rushed, so really hope it comes out right!

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Review )

Soooo, on to the HoW-Caps! Be-Triple-Ware Dial-up ... I've taken the liberty of dissecting the slash *o* c'mon, House and Wilson aren't acting their age... which is always fun... *g*

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C'mon! We had Warren, Anderw, Glory, Dawn and now Riley on House M.D. I'm thinking how about JamesM? Huh, how about it? *kitten blink* Maybe a serial killer that they save who then throws Cameron out the window. I would love that episode. Short review... )

Short Review and Commented Screen-Caps – Dialup Be Very Very Afraid )
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More importantly, I know I wasn't the only one to wish for my favorite doctor to go home with a golden prop. I'm sure I'm not the first to say/post this. So, congrats Hugh!! And, I don't care, I squealed like a school girl when the first person he thanked was Robert Sean Leonard. He didn't remember 'why' he wanted to thank him *insert fan-girl eek* but he did. Apparently RSL asked him to. LMAO and no, I did not think any slashy thoughts when he did that. Nope. His lady was there after all. *nods firmly* Although, I did wish RSL was there so we'd see his reaction. Oh, well, maybe next year! *smirk* 

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Ah, a Scrubs referencing-House episode. Heh, I knew that they're going to do a House!spoof bit. But mentioning House as a TV show *slaps hand on forehead dramatically* oh, dear, what shall it be of those House/Scrubs x-over fics!! LoL.

More about epi, House, and Scrubs end... )
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How long is it till the next episode??? *checks* ... oh. damn.

House - 310 - Merry Little Christmas )
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My 'Net was acting like itself, I could barely use it before it laid on its back! *sobs* So, I was this 5 pages from finishing part 26 of Splinter, checking episode transcripts to make sure I'm not THAT far off, when I found myself backpedaling and now there's a part between 25 and 26, which either means its 25 1/2 or 26 and 26 is actually 27… oh well…

Off to my free hour spent watching House 308, it's really not that long of a review, )
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Okay, trying to shift through my email. *snivel* it has over 300 new ones! (or it was, now it's at *checks* 231) So, if you've sent me an email and I haven't replied in the next couple of days, chances are that my fuzzy vision had missed it. Re-send please, with clear Subject--- coz spam is evil! And, yes, I'm working on part26-Splinter, so when that's done I'll unlock 25 after I'm sure of where I'm going with this.

And now onto my newest obsession (aside from vainly trying to get hold of the last three episodes of the yaoi anime Gravitation *sob*):
House/Wilson recs! )


Oct. 28th, 2006 06:17 pm
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First, I want to thank those who wished me a happy birthday, I know I missed doing that to some of you, so thanks!

My brother finally gave me something for my b-day I wanted to get for a long time but never had time or money to get, and that was House M.D, seasons 1 & 2. Well, *is attacked by the intense urge to strangle brother* he missed S2 episodes 22-24!!! It's not really his fault, but I'm dying to get my hands on them now after marathoning through the last few days on House and more House. Damn, I'm addicted. I checked for torrents but nothing connects *sob* I miss the old ddl days.

Of course, do I ever get obsessed like this about something and not find me a slash couple? NOPE! It didn't take more than a few episodes before I was getting visions of House/Wilson. I don't know if that's anyone here's cup of tea, but me likie! I just love Wilson's oh-so-soulful eyes (I wish he was in more scenes) and House's sharp witty tongue … and their friendship YUM. I'd say House is childish but then again, Wilson is too but he's more subtle about it. Banter to die for! Damn, even House insinuates to more, so, really, I am at no fault here, whatsoever! I also like the Fellows dynamic and Cuddy, but those two best friends make me drool for more. So, of course, when reserve of House episodes came to an abrupt end *whimpers*, I went hunting for fics. But since I was pressed for time, I only read quick ficlets as I was free, and remembered to save three. Surprisingly (, I shall say no more) they were not bad (I luckily have yet to stumble on anything horrifying but I know the rules of avoiding bad!fics in ff )

Some House fics were really amazing and made me choke back the tears (those are the ones I forgot to save), something I rarely come across at first go. Its not that surprising once you take a gander at House's complex character.

House Fic Recs )


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