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Or at least James did :p We all knew he and Pat got engaged recently (well, I think we ‘all’ did) but I was taken aback when James so casually mentioned in a vid that he was married. Gesturing to his ringed finger. Did I miss an announcement? P 

Doesn’t matter really. It made me grin. Because JM deserves to be happy and knowing how he spoke about Pat all these years she makes him happy. 

So congratulations to the happy couple! Patricia, you are one lucky gal. Who likes slash. *two thumbs up*

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Came out of the woodwork because James had to freaking say that!

If Capt. John Hart and Spike ever crossed paths, what do you think the outcome would be?

Wild homosexual sex!  Because Spike hasn’t had homosexual sex in like 100 years, and Captain John is so sexy, you know? 

*head desk* Thank you, Mr. Marsters. It is not bad enough that I pondered this meeting post-Torchwood ep, you just had to cement the HOT MONKEY VAMPIRE ALIEN SEX!

I wish I liked Torchwood enough to write a crossover – like mental bleaching but less with the Tabula Rasa pain and with more ficcie satisfaction.

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Check out James singing with his son playing the guiter.

I love it. I might even pretend that this song's about me ;)
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So, seeing as I’m somewhat back, it would only seem right to post something here that is fandomy related. These are recently uploaded clips of James Marsters and Michael Rosenbaum (*sigh* don’t you just love those two names next to each other?) taken in Dragon Con 08. The comments under each one is for my benefit, so ignore them if you want ;)

LMAO! The “big head”/had a great night made me laugh so hard. Who else laughed on their conversation about Smallville? Man, Mike is all out there – and James is right along on the ride. It is amazing to hear them being so honest about the show and not be mean. I would be mean! They just know how to do it better ;)

Aww, Mike is being modest about his singing. What’s that about? Joss should totally nab James and Mike for the sequel to Dr. Horrible. Honestly, though, its really hard to keep the slashy thoughts at bay with those two touching each other ever second!

*wants to smack the redbull out of James’ hand* You slept at 10, what do you need a boost for? Give it to Michael!

MIKE: “They shaved my chest for a sex scene they never aired!” LMAO. But wasn’t that on a special feature? With the ice and the nakedness…. “I don’t want to watch myself having sex… … fake sex.” Hmm, interesting. So real sex is okay?

MIKE: “Now they know both of us don’t watch the show.” Awesome expression James!

JAMES: “Usually comedians are some of the saddest people…”
MIKE: “Pfft. Look at me.” Aww

When Mike said to how James is terrified about singing “I’ve got your back” my mind totally jumped to the prospect of these two doing music together in James’ next CD. Wow, that would be amazing.

Damn it, stop touching each other!! Its cruel *sniff*. Mike said “Use the internet” Joss did! Join him!! Hearing what James is saying about doing on DragonBall makes me actually want to see it. Go figure.

James is after my conservative energy loving heart. And Mike was all like “I liked it. I was actually listening here” I can imagine him thinking ‘man, if James was my science teacher I would’ve totally gotten straight As!’

Zombie apocalypse! LOL Hombie *snicker* They are like two nerd boys that are hot and talented and really really funny. I would totally watch that reality show. I have not laughed this much in a LONG time. These two have an insane amount of talent, charisma, humour and sexiness… I would call it illegal but I love it too much.

Thanks to Gonturan74 for uploading this amazing hour!
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I'm still picking my brain off the walls. I gave up halfway though because it's a lost cause. James Marsters had taken away my senses.

Wanna know how he did that? The next vid tells why. It's a clip of the new Torchwood epi. If I were a nice person I would warn about the obvious spoilers (DUH it hasn't aired yet *glares at teasing BBC then bows at their feet*) but to heck with it! WATCH IT! If you thought those stills were bunk worthy then, sweets, I dare you to MOVE after this.
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Not supposed to be here… not supposed to be here… should be rereading own fic (& writing it) and avoiding plaque-like RL but I swear I don't care that everyone had seen this. After I came down from the frozen shock, drool, wild imagination, walking around like a zombie and speaking like one (one does not come without the other as you all well know) I was determined to link this here. How can I not?!

Ahhh, the old Spander (actually James/Nick) kiss (HAH! A peck! This puts it to shame!) seems like... like... *looses train of thought as she imagines a kissing competition between Jack & John and Spike & Xander* ... *pile of useless goo*
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Wow, I've been spamming my LJ a lot lol (my new fic's still under flock coz I'm not ready for the public to see it! *sheepish*). I might be in a rush to go somewhere but I had to post this. Ever wonder why James was rarely in the DVDs bloopers (not that there are that many in the first place!) well...

I've noticed for both the Buffy and Angel DVD sets that you very rarely appear in the outtakes. Does that mean it was rare to catch you making a mistake on set?
Correct! (He laughs.)  Early in my tenure I almost got fired for making three jokes in a makeup trailer.  I decided that my only good defense was to be perfect.

Awwwwww ....
More in James Marsters January Q&A
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I'm not supposed to be here! *shhhh* But I had to share this even if everyone already knew about it!
An interview with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and Executive Producer Robert Singer, and look who they want to guest the show!
iF: Any other shows that you guys are fans of, that you would like actors to guest spot from?
SINGER: I thought BUFFY had a great cast, and we used Amber Benson. I’d like to get Spike [James Marsters] on our show. I never thought I would particularly like BUFFY, but my wife got me hooked on it, and I was hooked on him. Plus, that series was so well written. It was so smart.
All of the article...

I will go squee with happiness and hope now *crosses fingers* just think, James and Jensen all pretty emotive eyes and lips and cheeks and the ACTING! Ugh. James didn't catch Jensen on Smallville but if they get off to actually ASK JM and Jimmy says "yes", then you know it would be oh-so-lovely to watch. *purrs* Singer is 'hooked' on James. *lol* Aren't we all?
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Ack! I try to catch the insider when I could, but I never saw this. I bet it was during December I didn't know where my head was at that time, I was so overwhelmed. Anyway, they say that there's a glimpse of James on the set of P.S. I Love You in this YouTube clip. It's blurry, but was that him on that stool when they span away and close to the pool table? They say that only one that doesn't sing is HarryJr. But I know that James doesn't *pout*  
Anyway, let me know if that blur is really James!  *points at nearly unseen LJ cut* there's something under there for the JM fans, just a little fright of mine and a couple of oldies. lol

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I really have no idea who's this #1 James dude is. First time I heard of him, first time I saw him. That more reason for me to want James Marsters to be the #1 James! They say vote for your favorite James I say vote for James Marster! LOL barely over 83 votes, shameful. The kid I've never heard of has 326! C'mon people, vote for our man. Vamp. Actor. Blond dude. Singer. Hottie. Favortie James! 

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Quote from IMDb Message Boards:

" Dresden Files Audio Book Chapters
by cindycic2

The entire Chapter 1 of Summer Knight is on Buzzy Multimedia's mirror site, teeswithatwist, at for free download. :-) (Go to the site and then click on the "Audio Books" link on the left of the page; then go to page 2 of the Audio Books to find the link for Summer Knight.) They plan to also put the next 2 chapters up soon.

Also, if you don't have them yet, the first 3 chapters of Storm Front, Fool Moon and Grave Peril are already on the teeswithatwist site! "
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*pout* Why can't I ever meet James? *glares at universe* Forget about me, some people get all the luck. Since filming P.S. I Love You in Ireland is done, they have already started in NY, and one lucky gal actually met James. Check out here post here, pic and everything. Aw, *sniff* doesn't our boy look happy? And really, really, good. *fingers tap* When's this movie again? *checks calendar*
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Updating about my writing: Life had been piling up more than ever, I'm even being approached to take on tasks that at any time I would see them as an honor and as a sign of great complement, but really, I have no time whatsoever! So basically I'm in a rut, and it sucks. However, I sat down to make some edits on a current RL project of mine, and I found myself writing something that soon revealed itself to being a BtVS fic. *head bang* It is slash, but so far its pretty depressing in a sort of hurt/comfort theme that has an overall sense of angst. I'm thinking RL had really been seeping into my writing lately *sigh* anyway, I'm both thrilled and intimidated at this. I thought it to be my first ever drabble – oh, how I hoped it would be – but my best hope now is a short ficlet *glares pointedly at fic*. I have written the following chapter to Splinter and I am in the process of editing AP2B 8, as well as brainstorming what Xander will step up to do in MWHH, but time will tell when I can get them out.


Off to happier news, more regarding James' upcoming movie! IMDb have yet to update it to their info but Yahoo!News have an article about it. *grins that it seems to be revolving around James Marsters*


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I know I'm falling behind on everything, but to just know this?! I am beyond mortified! Really should find time to check my email everyday! I will thoroughly punish myself but for now I will squeal like a school girl whose secret crush had accidentally brushed up against her. I don't even care about jinxing this, 'cause at this moment in time I believe I am powerless against so many things. So without further delay… here is my personal fan-girly shriek of delight!!!


                                                  It is about F-ing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


JAMES MARSTERS has been set as a co-lead in the feature film “P.S. I Love You” for Alcon Entertainment. The film stars Hillary Swank, Kathy Bates, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon.  James will portray the role of ‘John’, the best friend and partner of Gerard Butler’s character. 

The film is based on the novel by Cecilia Ahern and will be directed by Richard LaGravenese. The picture centers on a widow whose life is rejuvenated when letters left by her husband send her on a series of adventures. Production will begin mid-October. The film will be distributed by Warner Bros. 

Even though it had been mentioned on according to IMDb's page on the movie only Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow & Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Yes, papa Winchester!!!) but no James Marsters yet. Hopefully they'll change that soon. Because that really puts a chink in my happy time.

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It has been forever since I was locked away from non-RL, so it had been sometime since I'd visited my old haunts. When did slayerverse change its layout?!

James wins Award! )

I voted for him, actually. I always will. He made that season for me, and him alone, it hurt too much to see what they let Lex become so... unrealistically turned, pushing a little too hard. And it would be my pleasure to see him work again with Mike but ... ... yeah, it still bugs me that SV lives on while two great shows BtVS & AtS were booted in their fifth year from the WormBandits *seethes*
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*whimper* )
Well, this gives me more than one feeling:

  1. Kevin Sorbo always reminds me of Kevin Smith (Ares) and that still causes an ache.

  2. Kevin Sorbo reminds me of how naughty and hot James looked in Andromeda in one of the rare episosde I saw in that show and the ache is replaced with a 'nice' ache.

  3. James Marsters is going to be in the Smallville commentaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How unfare is that?! I've been holding out on myself by not buying seasons 3/4 SV to hear Michael blab oh so yummyly with that voice about the episodes. Maybe mention Clex once or twice. When I heard JM was playing on SV it was like a dream come true (not about the show but about who he'll be acting against), and I held strong pushing away the thought of buying the low imo season for the sure to be bloopers/gag reels that since MR practically OWNS them that JM will be there too. But I shrugged and trusted the ways to obtain them. THEN they go off the have JM in the commentaries??? Possibly again along sides the ever popular MR? How devilishly sneaky of them. I have to say I'm impressed. They are milking the James fans in every way. *pout* I wonder if there are people who provide ways that can give me the commentaries?  *tries to be hopeful*

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It has been ages since I updated. It seems like forever since I entered the lovely web and found something that placed a grin on my face, distracting me from the RL nasty romp that makes me wait for the other shoe to drop and for everything to ultimately change. But not to worry, that kind of jabber is saved from ya'll under f-lock. NOW I'm clinging to fluffy sparkly dreams of my darlings bringing something new for me to see.

Joss & Spike Movie )

Don't believe me hopefulness? I actually voted in this. Bring back… )
Done a lot of voting today… Voted for James in for the Spacey awards Serenety as well.

Also, this kinda bugged the hell out of me when I first saw it a while back, but then I thought this who-ever really needs some TLC because spouting nonesense on something she has never tried and making untrue proclemations on the main stream is ludecrus.
So I'm going to chain myself come Tuesday (since I have three exams till then) to PC and pull two or three Splinter Bunnies out of … somewhere.
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An email from [profile] mouse7thon spangel_lover brought my attention to this. Usually I'm on top of all things James *s* but I've been quite busy lately. Anyway, here's a message on JM's site a lot of you might find interesting.
•New! James Q&A Online! )
*puts on thinking cap* Um, will you marry me? *frown* No, too needy. How about, here's a shovel go smack it over Joss' head and ask where the hell is our Spike movie?! *sniff* ... *large grin* Oh, I know... are you gonna be in the Smallville season 5 outtakes with the ever present Michael Rosenbaum? You should tell the newly formed CW that many fans would buy the sucky season (not including the yummy Fine and Lex before they fried his greatness last episode) ;)

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So I was looking for inspiration in my half hour of freedom and … stumbled on a couple of lovelies…

James Marsters is #4

To help our man move up in the world *wink* add a brick

*giggle* I honestly don't know what they're doing in the celebrity section but Spike & Angel are #32... you can add a brick to them here Go Spangel!

*lol* It seems that I've added my own brick a long time ago. Ahh, the memories.


Feb. 16th, 2006 08:41 pm
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I'm flipping! I finally found it. It was killing me, as well as standing in the way of continuing the story. But, at last, I came to how I'm going to end Splinter! Seriously. I knew technically how it was to end… but getting there and the actual last scene, that was a mystery to me. But now I have written the ending notes, I can set off to get there with a clear mind. As I always say, nothing is set in stone. In fact, I had such an ending that would've had almost all the people who read it shun me if they're not busy sending hate mail, but I got VERY informative feedbacks from a couple of people who swore they are not ones to review but were compelled to give me their opinions. And when I wasn't blushing hotly from their complements *hee* I seriously considered their thoughts. In fact, one explained one of the characters (not gonna say who!) and their disposition in the running of the plot better than I would've myself! *bounces* I LOVE feedbackers and if I could I would have them set next to me and tell me what to write at times, because, damn, do they pull me through! *grin* I even got some pretty cool ideas for MWHH that I'm so going to use. Xander is going down!

Oh, I just happened to get roped into this, remember, I am EXTREMELY self-conscious … of course, I will ask you who intend to do this to be completely honest but *cough* I thought I should mention that for the sake of mentioning… check out:

James: Yummier than ever )


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