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Oh, wow. Can’t believe I forgot to link this here. Well, I do give all credit blame to [ profile] lusciousxander  for convincing nagging me to participate in this world of gay-old cheese. LOL if you hadn't read it, take a dose of your favorite and dive into the Screen-cap Silliness.

Fic-Cap: How Season Four Should've Gone

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Exactly. Thank you for... ... just thank you.

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I realize that this has already been everywhere, but late is better than never (RL be damned) and I just wanted to join the fun.

Read Joke )
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So, seeing as I’m somewhat back, it would only seem right to post something here that is fandomy related. These are recently uploaded clips of James Marsters and Michael Rosenbaum (*sigh* don’t you just love those two names next to each other?) taken in Dragon Con 08. The comments under each one is for my benefit, so ignore them if you want ;)

LMAO! The “big head”/had a great night made me laugh so hard. Who else laughed on their conversation about Smallville? Man, Mike is all out there – and James is right along on the ride. It is amazing to hear them being so honest about the show and not be mean. I would be mean! They just know how to do it better ;)

Aww, Mike is being modest about his singing. What’s that about? Joss should totally nab James and Mike for the sequel to Dr. Horrible. Honestly, though, its really hard to keep the slashy thoughts at bay with those two touching each other ever second!

*wants to smack the redbull out of James’ hand* You slept at 10, what do you need a boost for? Give it to Michael!

MIKE: “They shaved my chest for a sex scene they never aired!” LMAO. But wasn’t that on a special feature? With the ice and the nakedness…. “I don’t want to watch myself having sex… … fake sex.” Hmm, interesting. So real sex is okay?

MIKE: “Now they know both of us don’t watch the show.” Awesome expression James!

JAMES: “Usually comedians are some of the saddest people…”
MIKE: “Pfft. Look at me.” Aww

When Mike said to how James is terrified about singing “I’ve got your back” my mind totally jumped to the prospect of these two doing music together in James’ next CD. Wow, that would be amazing.

Damn it, stop touching each other!! Its cruel *sniff*. Mike said “Use the internet” Joss did! Join him!! Hearing what James is saying about doing on DragonBall makes me actually want to see it. Go figure.

James is after my conservative energy loving heart. And Mike was all like “I liked it. I was actually listening here” I can imagine him thinking ‘man, if James was my science teacher I would’ve totally gotten straight As!’

Zombie apocalypse! LOL Hombie *snicker* They are like two nerd boys that are hot and talented and really really funny. I would totally watch that reality show. I have not laughed this much in a LONG time. These two have an insane amount of talent, charisma, humour and sexiness… I would call it illegal but I love it too much.

Thanks to Gonturan74 for uploading this amazing hour!

Sick Leave

Dec. 17th, 2007 02:05 pm
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It's been a while since I checked my old email. And true to herself, my friend had filled it with a plenty of lol moments. Here's one that got me snickering.


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My brother sent me this. I had a good snicker. Then I had a bigger one. Thought I'd share. 

Now, before anyone gets 'picky' I direct you to my second home: ;)


Jan. 10th, 2007 11:10 pm
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Joke time. I'm sure I've read this before. Still funny. Perhaps even posted it here. Again still snicker worthy. And I needed to let people know I'm not dead no matter what my project hogging prof. wants. 

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This in no way reflects what I think of you men! Nope. I found this in my nearly abandoned email an old friend fills with jokes (if I had to guess it was from judgmental not in any way funny… *rolls eyes* oh hell, want a laugh, ladies?

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I rarely if ever read through Marsters_Sanctuary but I found this there...

CowS? )
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*lowers head in shame* I know it had been a long time since I updated. And really it's not my fault! My evil professor just added like 30+ pages to my project (I was THIS close to finishing ahead!!), and now all I do is write/read that *sob* it's an evil scheme to make me hate my favorite pastime. *pouts*


So, I'm not gonna spam my LJ with mindless prattle, but here are some links I had put up in BW and thought why not *shrug* share a couple minutes of mindlessness before I'm sucked back to forced labor (writing ain't so fun when people are holding marks over your head!) I'm sure we know them oh-so-well, but hey ... ... slash is better than *glares at still unfinished project* 

James/Nick Kiss! this never gets old... really... nuh uh... *watches again* nope, feel better though
James/Nick what led to the Kiss Brynhild had put it up since I lost mine *lowers head with shame*
Nick/Seth Gay Romp

Kitchen Confidential

You can see who had what and more of the slashy real pics here if you like. alas BWF is no more and the work and pics compiled are lost forEVER! *pause* Well, not really. But I ain't gathering them all up again. Too lazy. *zzz*

*slinks back to the dark corner and prays it for it all to be over soon*

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Hee, so, my bro was making a little oh so obvious hint at knowing my likes… or where they are directed towards, he sent me these links:

*bounce* Now I feel like watching Tim Curry wear close to nothing *vehemently takes the fifth at memorizing any song in RHPS* ... *does not pout at any mention of ASH playing a role in it which she has yet to see more than a pic of*

For more 30 sec movies go here.
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Heh, I found an email account I thought I had forgotten about. But I got a sudden memory flash and well, these were some of what I found filling it:

Man Vs Woman )

*blink* I dunno if it's just me being the non-shopping-loving-type but stopping in the heat of the moment??? *snort* Yeah, as if, maybe if ice cold flood breaks into the bedroom!

Who's the boss? )

*taps fingers against keyboard wondering if she should post it or not* First, obviously I've posted it, uh, ew. Second, am I the only one that got a visual of a different reason to why the other body parts started to react? *smirks as she blushes*

Little giggles… )

*one last snicker before she returns to RL blahs*
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My friend Cori, others and I were talking about hunks... and this just came out when we were chatting about the boys in bed and well this was supposed to be something different:

BtVS/L/SN/FF... it was going somewhere... nah, just... doodles of a fantasy )

*frown* okay, that ended out wrong. *point* But, anyway, that was a wing in casa-Mera!  Where Mr. Bunny Muse likes to hide out. There is more to see, and a price for taking peeks at what my surveillance cameras records …

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Sometimes reading old funny emails is the best way to start before plunging into your studies...

I don't think I'm mean to find this giggle worthy... *lol*


Apr. 2nd, 2006 02:55 pm
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How's everyone doing this fine April day? What pranks did you undergo in RL or SL on the 1st of this month?

I'm in kind of a hurry, so I'm just going to post two links that had me giggling all the way through, especially how people reacted to them in the comments. The first was so obvious, the second was plain read-only-after-making-sure-your-gob-is-empty. We don't want you choking &/or ruining your keyboards now do we?

Have any funny April Gags to share?
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I should be studying… just thought I'd start with that.

Isn't it a treat when you dive deep into your mail box and find some old buried fun emails? I can't believe I haven't read this before. Unless, I developed amnesia and I forgot about it …

I giggled all the way through this, so what? )

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I just deleted the original entry of this by mistake, damn blinding head aches/sleepy eyes. And I thought what better than to repost it. This is my LJ after all! *giggle*

For those who don't know this, this is something [ profile] lusciousxander and I cooked up a while ago coz of lack of any brainwaves whatsoever… something for fun. So be warned! Oh, and we found that voicing this little scribble adds to the fun... *heh* or so we've been told. Enjoy!

Title: Into the Woods PARODY
Authors: Farah [ profile] lusciousxander & Mera [ profile] lusciousspike
Pairing: It's slash… and well you have to read it to see. A fun pairing is all we can tell you!
Rating: R it's a little violent… in a fun way, promise!
Spoilers: S5 BtVS Into the Woods… duh!
Summery: What if Xander got Buffy to stop Riley a little faster. Can't say anymore but yes it is slash! You have to read it. PLEASE!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though we borrowed Spike, Xander and Riley and others and dammit we’ll take our time!! *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? No way!!!!!! YES PLEASE! Just tell us first.

Authors Note: 1. It is not beta-ed. That's part of the point actually. It's a fun ficlet… the mistakes are deliberate, you'll see.
2. Italics represent our inside notes just to make things 'clear' for you. *lol*
3. ~ = character thoughts

Venture... Into the Woods )
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Okay I wrote this for Travis coz I know how much he loves them boys *snicker*… but then everyone (other than the boy in question) told me to post it… I was horrified at the notion of subjecting you nice people to my meaningless scribble done in the attempt of annoying my friend and fighting off my chronic WB (Writer's Block *rolls eyes* go figure they have the same initials)… but in the end a little evil voice in me agreed with my friends and thus I'm posting this.


Mera ;op


P.S. if you want those responsible of me actually posting this for good people with reading standards to see and get tainted with it… tell me and I'll point you right their way! *giggle*


P.S.2. I've been asked this a few times now… no. I'm not abandoning any fics co-written with Farah. OTiC4 (Xangel) had been recently posted. APtB30 (Spangel) will be the last chapter and we're working on it now.





Title: Meaningless Scribbles   
Author: Mera
Pairing: Spike/Angel, Xander/Oz… whatever your minds can come up with…

Rating: Uh, you gotta be open to slashy fun written fic that has undertones.
Spoilers: Not much… well maybe the end of BtVS and AtS
Summery: Well if I give a summary there won't be anything left for you to read… its *that* short!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though I borrowed Spike, Angel, Xander and Oz for some harmless fun… I'm sure he'll understand *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? *snort* you're not kidding are you? Well tell me where so I won't think I'm hallucinating.
Authors Note: It is not beta-ed.. It's a fun ficlet… done for a special someone. Travis… look it's your dream come true! *lol*






Three months after LA went down…<Why? I have no idea it's just is>


Hearth warm and glowing. Red wine gleamed in the darkness illuminated by the fire.


Soft mumbles could be heard as shadows move shapelessly on the walls. Twin bodies entwined moving in sync to the tones of the music. Porcelain bodies radiating in their whiteness seemingly absorbing the warm light.   


"So… who did we mark this last one for?"


"I slayed the dragon."     


"Yeah but I pulled you from under it."


"I pushed you out of that Acid demon's way."


"Ruined my leather, you did… my second skin!"


"It's not even the same one… the one you pulled it off the slayer you *killed* got blown up."


"Oh yeah. Well point is I get cold now."


"I'll warm you up…"




"Whoa! Too much vamp for my eye!"


"Bloody hell." "Damn it."




"Xan you're blocking the door."


"Ooops sorry." Xander moved away from the door.


"Oz?" "Oi it's Red's Mutt, what are you doin' here?"


Xander glared. "One could say the same about you oh he who cannot get a clue and die already."


Spike and Xander glared at each other.


Oz and Angel shared sympathetic looks.


"So the Boy Wonder is shagging the witch's ex."


Before Xander could reply. "Actually it's the other way 'round," Oz supplied.


Spike laughed aloud. "Knew you were a bottom!"


Angel who was still naked poked an equally naked Spike. "Look who's talking."


Spike pulled back offended. "It was only one time mate!"


Xander snorted. He looked around. "Ooh is that fancy wine." He pulled Oz towards it. "Danny… mmm… have a taste!"


The vampires mouthed to each other, 'Danny?'


Oz sipped from the glass but then with an appreciative moan gulped it all down. "Don't forget what happened the last time we had wine," he warned.


Xander continued gulping his drink, "Whoa damn vamps… building a fire in the middle of summer time." He started taking off his shirt. He continued to swallow. Suddenly he pulled Oz in the other direction. "Oooh Danny pretty music… dance with me."


"Uh ok."


Xander pouts. "Go grrr…"


Oz sighed. "Xan… we've been though this I don't go grrr."


Xander pouted once more then perked up remembering. "Woof?"


Oz shed his shirt. "Close enough."


With the music flowing, the boys started to sway. Each moment another article of clothing fell. They seemed entranced in their own world.


Spike drew closer to Angel his eyes at their visitors. "Why do you think they're here?"


Angel blinked and shrugged. "I don't know… but did you know Xander had a tattoo?"


Spike's eyes widened. "Where?" He narrowed his eyes in scrutiny. He then looked back at Angel with a raised eyebrow. "Wanna know how far down that goes?"


Angel smirked. "Sure. Just watch out for Oz's claws."




The End… <*phew* that wasn't that bad now was it? guess you now know where the title came from huh? *big grin* take that WB!>     


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