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Okay I wrote this for Travis coz I know how much he loves them boys *snicker*… but then everyone (other than the boy in question) told me to post it… I was horrified at the notion of subjecting you nice people to my meaningless scribble done in the attempt of annoying my friend and fighting off my chronic WB (Writer's Block *rolls eyes* go figure they have the same initials)… but in the end a little evil voice in me agreed with my friends and thus I'm posting this.


Mera ;op


P.S. if you want those responsible of me actually posting this for good people with reading standards to see and get tainted with it… tell me and I'll point you right their way! *giggle*


P.S.2. I've been asked this a few times now… no. I'm not abandoning any fics co-written with Farah. OTiC4 (Xangel) had been recently posted. APtB30 (Spangel) will be the last chapter and we're working on it now.





Title: Meaningless Scribbles   
Author: Mera
Pairing: Spike/Angel, Xander/Oz… whatever your minds can come up with…

Rating: Uh, you gotta be open to slashy fun written fic that has undertones.
Spoilers: Not much… well maybe the end of BtVS and AtS
Summery: Well if I give a summary there won't be anything left for you to read… its *that* short!
Disclaimer: they belong to Joss though I borrowed Spike, Angel, Xander and Oz for some harmless fun… I'm sure he'll understand *worried Joss will sue when he sees what they did here*
Distribution: You want it? *snort* you're not kidding are you? Well tell me where so I won't think I'm hallucinating.
Authors Note: It is not beta-ed.. It's a fun ficlet… done for a special someone. Travis… look it's your dream come true! *lol*






Three months after LA went down…<Why? I have no idea it's just is>


Hearth warm and glowing. Red wine gleamed in the darkness illuminated by the fire.


Soft mumbles could be heard as shadows move shapelessly on the walls. Twin bodies entwined moving in sync to the tones of the music. Porcelain bodies radiating in their whiteness seemingly absorbing the warm light.   


"So… who did we mark this last one for?"


"I slayed the dragon."     


"Yeah but I pulled you from under it."


"I pushed you out of that Acid demon's way."


"Ruined my leather, you did… my second skin!"


"It's not even the same one… the one you pulled it off the slayer you *killed* got blown up."


"Oh yeah. Well point is I get cold now."


"I'll warm you up…"




"Whoa! Too much vamp for my eye!"


"Bloody hell." "Damn it."




"Xan you're blocking the door."


"Ooops sorry." Xander moved away from the door.


"Oz?" "Oi it's Red's Mutt, what are you doin' here?"


Xander glared. "One could say the same about you oh he who cannot get a clue and die already."


Spike and Xander glared at each other.


Oz and Angel shared sympathetic looks.


"So the Boy Wonder is shagging the witch's ex."


Before Xander could reply. "Actually it's the other way 'round," Oz supplied.


Spike laughed aloud. "Knew you were a bottom!"


Angel who was still naked poked an equally naked Spike. "Look who's talking."


Spike pulled back offended. "It was only one time mate!"


Xander snorted. He looked around. "Ooh is that fancy wine." He pulled Oz towards it. "Danny… mmm… have a taste!"


The vampires mouthed to each other, 'Danny?'


Oz sipped from the glass but then with an appreciative moan gulped it all down. "Don't forget what happened the last time we had wine," he warned.


Xander continued gulping his drink, "Whoa damn vamps… building a fire in the middle of summer time." He started taking off his shirt. He continued to swallow. Suddenly he pulled Oz in the other direction. "Oooh Danny pretty music… dance with me."


"Uh ok."


Xander pouts. "Go grrr…"


Oz sighed. "Xan… we've been though this I don't go grrr."


Xander pouted once more then perked up remembering. "Woof?"


Oz shed his shirt. "Close enough."


With the music flowing, the boys started to sway. Each moment another article of clothing fell. They seemed entranced in their own world.


Spike drew closer to Angel his eyes at their visitors. "Why do you think they're here?"


Angel blinked and shrugged. "I don't know… but did you know Xander had a tattoo?"


Spike's eyes widened. "Where?" He narrowed his eyes in scrutiny. He then looked back at Angel with a raised eyebrow. "Wanna know how far down that goes?"


Angel smirked. "Sure. Just watch out for Oz's claws."




The End… <*phew* that wasn't that bad now was it? guess you now know where the title came from huh? *big grin* take that WB!>     


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