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Feb. 21st, 2010 09:58 pm
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So I was caught in another fandom for the last few --- weeks? I don't think it had been long since I jumped through four seasons of this quirky show. I didn't expect to find myself reading fics but not only did I but I was able to save a few for a quick rec/review. Oh, and they're all Shawn/Lassiter... go figure. Don't worry, Gus is just so nerd-tasty I'm keeping him for myself.

Psych recs )
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No really!

Damn fandoms with slashable character dynamics and witty dialogue. Damn them to distracting slashy yummy …

My mind has been besieged with Psych slash! The Shawn/Lassiter kind. You’d think with the combined name Shassie I would be scared away (or was it Shassy? I assume the P fandom debates the naming/spelling, I still haven’t gotten to the point that I care). But, noooo --- my girlish desires don’t care much for cheese induced comas --- actually, I think it craves it despite my stern finger shaking. I think Timothy Omundson’s eyes distract it too much. It has a thing for blue eyes that you cannot place the exact color in the color spectrum thingie, I just now it!

I finished 3+ seasons of Psych in a space of time that doesn’t make any scientific sense. I think I have Psych on the brain. It was fun viewing, until I reached the last episode I had and found out that the next episode won’t be out for weeks. So I said why not distract myself with seeing what the fandom has to offer in fic form.

Apparently Shawn/Lassie or Lassy *sigh* really would make it easier for a newbie if they just picked one, you know?

Now I can’t stop.

I’ll get there. I’m sure. I just need the new episode to come out. I had this same problem with House/Wilson, now its all better - I think. It's New Fandom Syndrome (I can write a paper on it! Will it be credible if you're your very own test subject?).

I just need to pace myself.  

Next episode is January 27 and with the title You Can't Handle This Episode, a little over 20 days is gonna test my patience and level of fic intake good!

*sneaks behind muse to attempt a bit of one-on-one with her own fics*


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