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I come ridden with a fic rec (it was just a glance, curious and all at this shiny toy, few hours later here I am!) and vid ---- damn new fandoms to mind numbing distracting hell! (First Psych now this) Mmmm, new slashy fandom smell, oh how addicting is thee.

Why can't I quit you?!

Stirring the writing bug in me Fic The Greek Problem

And feeding my perpetually young fangirl Vid:


*whispers* I shall be seeking some pretty fics to satisfy this new hunger… *glares at RDJ and his crazy expressive eyes*

I demand deleted scenes!

Psych Recs

Feb. 21st, 2010 09:58 pm
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So I was caught in another fandom for the last few --- weeks? I don't think it had been long since I jumped through four seasons of this quirky show. I didn't expect to find myself reading fics but not only did I but I was able to save a few for a quick rec/review. Oh, and they're all Shawn/Lassiter... go figure. Don't worry, Gus is just so nerd-tasty I'm keeping him for myself.

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Okay, trying to shift through my email. *snivel* it has over 300 new ones! (or it was, now it's at *checks* 231) So, if you've sent me an email and I haven't replied in the next couple of days, chances are that my fuzzy vision had missed it. Re-send please, with clear Subject--- coz spam is evil! And, yes, I'm working on part26-Splinter, so when that's done I'll unlock 25 after I'm sure of where I'm going with this.

And now onto my newest obsession (aside from vainly trying to get hold of the last three episodes of the yaoi anime Gravitation *sob*):
House/Wilson recs! )


Oct. 28th, 2006 06:17 pm
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First, I want to thank those who wished me a happy birthday, I know I missed doing that to some of you, so thanks!

My brother finally gave me something for my b-day I wanted to get for a long time but never had time or money to get, and that was House M.D, seasons 1 & 2. Well, *is attacked by the intense urge to strangle brother* he missed S2 episodes 22-24!!! It's not really his fault, but I'm dying to get my hands on them now after marathoning through the last few days on House and more House. Damn, I'm addicted. I checked for torrents but nothing connects *sob* I miss the old ddl days.

Of course, do I ever get obsessed like this about something and not find me a slash couple? NOPE! It didn't take more than a few episodes before I was getting visions of House/Wilson. I don't know if that's anyone here's cup of tea, but me likie! I just love Wilson's oh-so-soulful eyes (I wish he was in more scenes) and House's sharp witty tongue … and their friendship YUM. I'd say House is childish but then again, Wilson is too but he's more subtle about it. Banter to die for! Damn, even House insinuates to more, so, really, I am at no fault here, whatsoever! I also like the Fellows dynamic and Cuddy, but those two best friends make me drool for more. So, of course, when reserve of House episodes came to an abrupt end *whimpers*, I went hunting for fics. But since I was pressed for time, I only read quick ficlets as I was free, and remembered to save three. Surprisingly (, I shall say no more) they were not bad (I luckily have yet to stumble on anything horrifying but I know the rules of avoiding bad!fics in ff )

Some House fics were really amazing and made me choke back the tears (those are the ones I forgot to save), something I rarely come across at first go. Its not that surprising once you take a gander at House's complex character.

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So, I'm still going with what ever had taken hold of me since I became a hostage to WB. Reading SasuNaru (and editing AP2B under flock). This is a really good one. It's perhaps one of the best Naruto stories I've read, much less the best SasuNaru story. I had a literal all-nighter reading this! It's long, and it carries the story well, there's a well-constructed plot, and you see the characters grow with in it. Mainly Sasuke then a little by little Naruto, mostly during the sequel. I loved the subtlety that is lacking in so many fics. I'll have to say, they're both a must read for any SasuNaru fan.  





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So, reminiscing of all times when I was taken hostage by the devilish always intriguing concept of the undeniable bond that Naruto and Sasuke had, I found myself clicking through *lowers head with a sigh and raises tired hand* I know, I know…

SasuNaru… )


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