Jun. 23rd, 2006 08:23 pm
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I have been away for so long.... this sucks! I mean it doesn't surprise me, but way to break our heart *pout*
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It has been ages since I updated. It seems like forever since I entered the lovely web and found something that placed a grin on my face, distracting me from the RL nasty romp that makes me wait for the other shoe to drop and for everything to ultimately change. But not to worry, that kind of jabber is saved from ya'll under f-lock. NOW I'm clinging to fluffy sparkly dreams of my darlings bringing something new for me to see.

Joss & Spike Movie )

Don't believe me hopefulness? I actually voted in this. Bring back… )
Done a lot of voting today… Voted for James in for the Spacey awards Serenety as well.

Also, this kinda bugged the hell out of me when I first saw it a while back, but then I thought this who-ever really needs some TLC because spouting nonesense on something she has never tried and making untrue proclemations on the main stream is ludecrus.
So I'm going to chain myself come Tuesday (since I have three exams till then) to PC and pull two or three Splinter Bunnies out of … somewhere.
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My Rant )

Need to shake it off *she has learned to let out steam so not to have yet another scary yet somewhat interestingly invigorating nervous breakdown that at least let her know that oh hey people know I exist!*

I'm just gonna post a couple of quotes one from AlyH and one from JossW regarding our favorite blond vampire that made me go "Aw, so Spike/James fans aren't really bias in their love". That way I won't be completely spamming on matters I shouldn't really annoy those who actualy read my LJ with *wink* besides, I learned a new LJ cut trick *points at My Rant*, yay me!

Aly and Joss praise James )

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Got this in my digest JossBtVS mail… Thought I might share.

Subject: WMP: Wear Both Coats

From: jennifer @ multimediaproject@yahoogroups.com

Wear Both Coats There's room enough in the Whedonverse for both Firefly/Serenity Flans and Buffy/Angel Fans, in fact, we prefer it that way.

Polls, we don't need no stinkin' polls

A couple of weeks ago, Sci Fi Wire had a poll asking fans which project we'd like to see Joss Whedon do next. The choices were between another Serenity movie, a Spike Movie, or Wonder Woman. Why they left off Goners is still a mystery.

This lead to a flurry of fans voting their little hearts out, sometimes more than once, for the option they most wanted to see. It also resulted in a friendly rivalry between those wanting more Serenity and those wanting more Spike. The rivalry even became known in some circles as the Browncoats vs. the Blackcoats.

The term Browncoat derives from the series Firefly in which the characters Mal and Zoe fought in a civil war on the side of the Independents who wore browncoats as part of their uniform. Flans of Firefly/Serenity refer to themselves as Browncoats in honor of their big damned heroes. They're called flans instead of fans due to a cute slip of the tongue by Nathan Fillion who plays the mighty captain on the show.

Blackcoat is a fairly new term deriving from a comment about the poll by a poster called Vampire with a Gun on Whedonesque who used the term Blackleathercoats to refer to Spike fans due to Spike's trademark long black leather coat. It was later shortened to Blackcoats.

A more inclusive definition of Blackcoats includes fans of the entire Buffyverse or Angelverse, since not only Spike, but also Angel and even the Slayer herself wore black leather coats as well. Although, Ms. Summers, being more stylish than the vamps had an assortment of coats throughout the run of her series. Besides, a Spike movie just happens to be what's currently most rumored about with regards to a return to the Buffyverse, perhaps as a starting off point from which other characters and their stories will follow.

In just a few short days there were more votes in the poll than Sci Fi Wire normally receives in an entire week. The activity should not have been a surprise to anyone, but apparently it was unexpected to the site's editors who decided to shut the poll down due to the overenthusiastic voting.

That's okay. We don't need a poll to tell us that Whedonverse fans are among the most loyal and active on the 'Net.

Wear Both Coats

The Whedonverse Multimedia Project brings the world's of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and now Serenity to those who may not have yet discovered them. We accomplish this by donating the DVDs to public libraries, military units, and charitible organizations.

Since the Project supports both the Firefly/Serenity universe and the Buffy/Angel universe, it can be said that we wear both coats.

We encourage fans to "wear both coats" too by supporting our campaign. That doesn't mean we expect those who participate to love both universes or even to love them equally, just that you're willing to reach out across the vast Whedon landscape to work together in order to spread the entire Whedonverse for others to discover and enjoy.

So, whether you are purely a Browncoat, purely a Blackcoat, or you wear both coats - you're welcome at Whedonverse.org.

More News about the Spike Movie... AA Speaks to KV )

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It's close between Serenity and Spike. I love them both. But, my loyalty first and foremost is with Spike. James had set a time limit that is dwindling with everyday and one that I agree with. The illusion of immortal vampires is not the main part but it is a big part, especially after such a long period without seeing Spike. I trust Joss not to make a movie unless he has a clear path set in mind, and he obviously has solid plans on what he wants to do. Me? I want more Joss anything. However, I would love more Spike any day as well as an answer to a whole lot of questions on screen. 

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Found this through SV

Read a Copy )

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Here is more in the news front about the Spike Movie. Things are sure looking up now.

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Diff News

Sep. 1st, 2005 11:07 am
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Whedonesque had a lot of new James/Spike related news.

I was gonna mention this yesterday but inspiration hit and I needed to head its calling. Yes, chapter 14 of Splinter is done, it might be out later today! *whoop* I'm very sleep deprived coz of  the hit of inspiration that attacked me but it's done. I just need to re-read it when I'm more awake to make sure the un-beta-ed version isn't all that scary! lol

Anyway to important news. In the cut for flist comfort

More Spike/James News )

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Alyson Hannigan talks about a Spike movie. Okay this isn't news... but I want you guys to read this... you'll see what I want if you are annoyed about that always happening like me...

"There's talk of Spike movies, or a Spike movie," Hannigan reported of efforts to bring back James Marsters' bloodsucking breakout character. Hannigan said she won't be in the movie, and Marsden's manager said the project is "nothing we have on our radar at this moment." ...

Okay... what the hell?! I mean it's really nice to hear that people are talking about a SM but his name is James Marsters!! I get so annoyed when I keep seeing them writing James Marsden... or Marsden's manager like here. For you who don't know who this guy is, he's the actor in X-men that plays Cyclops. It irks me to keep seeing how people mix them up. I mean sure their names sound alike but for a 'professional' to make this mistake... and keep making it... get to know who you're writing about! *deep breath* okay I let it out. I'm fine now. Check out the whole article if you like . *walks away mumbling about stupid people*

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Moviehole's talking like it's a done deal. Well as much as I love to see Spike... I am not gonna count my chickens until they hatch... or my blond hunk of a punk vampire until I hear/see solid proof. *nods and pretends that every new step forward into that direction of SM (Spike Movie) isn't making her knees weak*
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Hyperventilating! You just read this and you'll know why!

Tim Minear to write and direct the "Spike" Tv Movie

From Whedonesque.com - 2005-08-20th

An update on the Spike TV movie. It was only the other day that Joss Whedon asked Tim Minear if he wanted to "write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing". Tim said yes. It’s still very early days though as nothing is signed.


Anyhow, this is what Tim said : "Also, I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if I wanted to write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing. Should I do it? (I of course said yes right off, still) Anything under 13 hours scares me. And anything over 13 hours... um. I got nothin’."


Oh, I never asked for a lot. Please Joss don't let this be another checking of Ducks in Line. PLEASE! It's James' birthday (which again I repeat I don't share) make it the prezzie for all the people who love him. And you. And everything you both do... especially together. And if you trust Tim then we trust Tim (of course we all know, TM *giggles at initials and wonders if anyone said the joke to him* as well, that you will be checking that everything's ship shape... and add your greatness here and there.) we wouldn't want it any other way... Anything for more Spike! And to find out Post-NFA... we're still hanging, nails splitting, at that cliff... JW pull us up, please!

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Just trying to fill in some space and clear my mind by rambling on about the same things…


So Joss in indeed willing to see Spike Movie happen (*rolls eyes* big surprise!). And since the WB said that they are willing to make a Spike movie and we all know that James is willing… why aren't we hearing the confirmed news of one being made! I'm thinking the WB are playing with us… again! *shrug* that or they are running a bit late coz they had a wild night… so I guess we can forgive a little lateness due to that… *sarcastic if anyone didn't get that by now*



Drew Goddard on the possibility of a "Spike" Tv Movie:


I also got to talk to Drew Goddard. I was a little less sober than I was when talking to Julie. This is evidenced by the fact that at least twice (that I can remember) I told him I was his biggest fan. We talked about the possibility of a Spike movie. He said he would love to do a Spike movie with Joss. He also made a point of telling me that Joss also wants to do a Spike movie. Finally, he said that if a Spike movie didn’t happen, that it wouldn’t be due to a lack of prodding Joss on his part because he wants it to happen. I think I may have said I love him after that .... or maybe that I was his biggest fan again.





And more about James on Smallville… it seems that it is true that he will be appearing in a teaser in episode one… but he will come on fully in episode 3 unlike prier predictions…





James's character will make his first appearance in episode 1 which is scheduled to air 9/29/05. The first episode is just a teaser introducing the character. His story line will then be in full force starting episode number 3 (which is scheduled to air 10/13).



Superman aficionados have told me the following: “"Dox" is the Alien Intelligence that invades the brain of Professor Milton Fine and thus creates "Brainiac"




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